The Briarcliff Manor Education Foundation will award $40,398 in grants to the Briarcliff Manor School District for the 2014-2015 school years.   These grants are in addition to an initiative to update resources for the high school library and provide amplifications systems in classrooms at the elementary school.  Total cost of grants for the school year is $105,398.


Nine grants were awarded throughout the district to enhance and enrich a variety of areas at all of the Briarcliff schools:


Laminating Machine -- Available to both the middle school and high school staff to allow them to protect and offer permanence to their teaching materials and students’ work.


3Doodler Pens for 3D Drawing --  Class set for both middle and high school students to help them transition concepts from a two-dimension to a three-dimension model.  The 3Doodler incorporates cutting-edge technology that enables students’ ideas to literally jump off the page!


Habits of Mind Signage --   These signs will be displayed in the hallways of the elementary school to reinforce problem-solving skills learned in the classroom.  The signs are already displayed in the middle school hallways and will provide continuity between the two buildings. 


Pushkin Players --   The performing arts program will receive partial funding for the purchase of costumes, props and sets for the 2014-2015 production of the elementary school musical.       

Smart Document Cameras --   This technology will be added to all second, third and fourth grade classrooms to allow students to project their work.  Funded last year by the BMEF for the first grade classrooms, these cameras proved useful as a tool to model, review and foster discussion across a range of subject areas.


Sewing Machines -- Ten new machines will be added to the Home and Careers room at the middle school to provide ample opportunity for students to complete their projects for this state-mandated course.


Gizmo Subscription -- Continuation of funding for an annual website subscription available to all middle school students.  The website provides simulations in both science and math to enhance the learning process and has been used with great success by Briarcliff Middle School students for the past three years.


Vernier LabQuest 2 Interface and Probes -- All Briarcliff High School students now will have the opportunity to use this state-of-the-art equipment in their science courses.  The large, high-resolution touch screen of the probes makes it easy to collect, analyze and share data from experiments wirelessly on any device with a web browser.  Therefore, students with a Smartphone may collect and graph their data on their own device for later access.


Exercise Equipment for the High School Fitness Center -- Funding will be provided for the purchase of an ARC trainer to compliment the new and improved equipment purchased last year for the high school fitness center. 


The BMEF, founded in 1995, awards grants to the Briarcliff Manor School District for innovative programs, technology and curriculum that cannot be funded in the public school budget.


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