Briarcliff Times: One Party = NO Democracy

This is an ALL CALL to the residents of Briarcliff to consider stepping up to serve your community as a Village Trustee – and to do so as an opposition candidate (or candidates) to the rather Un-American, Un-Democratic, Insider-Driven and Controlled Peoples Caucus Party.


As an update, as of January 8, the Peoples Caucus secretively nominated two candidates to run for the two opening Village Trustee seats.  A third candidate has inserted herself in the race and is technically also a Caucus nominee.   She is brave to do so, as she was clearly not a pre-ordained, secretively selected insider of the Peoples Caucus.  The language in the Caucus announcement of her intention to run made that quite clear.  However, while her insertion into the candidate mix makes things a bit interesting, she has chosen to perpetuate the problem by seeking nomination under a single party system, rather than run as an independent candidate.


The next steps are a debate amongst the three Caucus Party candidates and then a runoff election to knock one of the three out of the race (like a primary).  Then, if there is no Non-Caucus Party opposition candidate, there will be no reason to have the ACTUAL election in March.  Of course, one possibility is that this third wheel candidate is knocked out in the Caucus “Primary” in January – and then decides to run as an independent party, Non-Caucus candidate.


However, if we are ever to solve the problem, we must begin to see a regular flow of Non-Caucus Party candidates each year to challenge this Un-American, Non-Democratic, Insider-Driven and Controlled political process here in Briarcliff.


Do YOU have what it takes to step up and be a candidate for Village Trustee?  Throw your hat in the ring.  It’s time for change in the process and change of control of the process.


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