The Briarcliff Times: Election Update

The Peoples Caucus made the following announcement today: " Larisa Wayne-Paulmeno has notified us that she also has decided to seek the Caucus Nomination for the Board of Trustees, in addition to previously announced residents Mark Pohar and Cesare J. Derose, Jr."
The language of the notice above is interesting as it clearly points out that this THIRD candidate (for two open spots) "has informed" the Caucus of their intention to enter the race. In other words, the new candidate was not part of the secretive selection process where the Caucus pre-selects candidates and runs them unopposed. This candidate is inserting themselves into the process. Sigh...now there will be an election and a debate. But everyone is running on the same party line. While this certainly makes things more interesting, I continue to call for a candidate (or candidates) to run as OPPOSITION candidates to the Peoples Caucus candidates. Here in the United States, we have a multi-party democracy.

Please take a few moments to read our recent blog posts regarding Village government elections here in Briarcliff.




Here is an excerpt from the post titled Challenge The Peoples Caucus, followed by a link to the full post:




“Here in the Village of Briarcliff Manor, the Mayor and Village Trustee positions are filled by a rather Un-American, Non-Democratic, insider-driven and controlled, one-party system - The Peoples Caucus…..”




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Here is an excerpt from the post titled “Why YOU Should Run for Briarcliff Village Trustee,” followed by a link to the full post:





“This is an update to our previous blog post regarding our Bizarre, Un-American, Non-Democratic, Insider-Driven and Controlled, One-Party System for Village elections here in Briarcliff.”





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