Ten Percent of Mamaroneck Village Still Without Power; Turkey Trot Still On

A daily update from the Village and Town of Mamaroneck.


From the Village of Mamaroneck:


To recap some points from our prior notifications, all fields in Harbor Island Park are operational and open for play, and all programs in the Harbor Island Pavilion are suspended while we clean and fix the building. Tidal surge from the storm entered the building and destroyed the floors and most of the furniture.  Portions of the sheetrock walls that were soaked with seawater need to be removed and replaced. However, advance preparations by the village saved all our computers and electronic equipment, and most of our files and supplies.  

The Mamaroneck Turkey Trot scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012, is still scheduled for that morning, but the village is giving public notice that because of the limited processing capabilities of staff, we are not accepting any race-day walk-in registrations.  All registration for the event has to take place in advance, and preferably through www.Active.com.

Con Ed Update

Con Edison is working with the village and is continuing their efforts to restore all homes and neighborhoods.  As of the end of the day today, approximately 870 homes and businesses remain without power around the entire village, which means about 10 percent of the 8,700 customer accounts in the village remain without electricity. Con Edison crews will return to continue their work tomorrow. We have made significant progress with restoration of power with large portions of the village, but the most important thing at this point is for all residents to call the Con Edison customer service hotline, at 800-752-6633 (1-800-75-CONED).

We and Con Edison’s liaisons stationed in our offices have noticed discrepancies and inaccuracies with the reported and cleared outages on Con Edison’s list.  Our best recommendation to everyone is that if your power is still out at this time, you should report your outage to Con Edison on a daily basis. In turn, village officials will continue checking homes around the village on a daily basis to make sure Con Edison’s updates and assessments are accurate and we are not missing anyone.

At this time while 90 percent of the village has their electricity back on, the remaining 10 percent of the Village are very important to us, if not more so, because we know residents like you are in a very severe and difficult situation.

Warming Center/Shelter 

The Town Senior Center at 1288 Boston Post Rd. is open to those who are without power, heat and/or water. However, if the need continues to be very low, it will likely close to overnight guests in the next day or two.  

Hampshire Country Club has heat and electricity, and has invited anyone from the Mamaroneck and Larchmont communities in need to stop in for a hot shower, food or  to charge cell phones, and has limited availability for overnight cots. They are located at 1025 Cove Rd. in Mamaroneck.  

The Mamaroneck Library is also opened for use during normal business hours, and has been a very popular location for our many residents looking for a warm place to be and for things to keep occupied with.

Further updates will continue to be issued on a daily basis.

From the Town of Mamaroneck:

A Message from the Town Supervisor....

We are seeing progress, although not fast enough,in restoring power to town residents. 234 homes were restored yesterday around Crescent, East Brookside and Briarcliffe; 150 homes in the Fenimore Road section were restored today and Con Edison crews are working right now in the Old White Plains Road section to restore power to over 500 more homes.

Con Edison is working in the largest outage areas in the town first and working their way to smaller areas. I know that for those of you still without power this information is not helpful, but we are makeing progress. There are some municipalities in Westchester where more than 50 percent of the homes still do not have power. I know that many of you are concerned about the storm predicted for tomorrow. The most current information predicts the storm will bring a small amount of rain and possibly some snow. The forecast for wind speeds has been reduced so we are hoping that the impact in the town will be minimal.

Despite what Con Ed personnel might tell you in the field, the town's Highway Department cannot work in areas with downed wires. Con Ed must clear them first. We've heard that ConEd personnel are giving out erroneous and inaccurate information to residents. The only definitive information we have is that ConEd plans to restore full power to the entire Town by Sunday, Nov.11.

Please know that we continue to advocate Con Ed for restoraton of power to all town residents every day. I know how frustrating and cold it is because I don't have power in my house either. We have been providing storm restoration updates and information through emails, robo calls and via the town website.

Please go to www.townofmamaroneck.org to sign up for robo calls and e-mail blasts if you haven't already done so.

Allison November 08, 2012 at 07:38 PM
Where can those who remain without power and no resources to stay warm and take care of personal hygiene?
BG7 November 08, 2012 at 08:28 PM
NYSC club Mamaroneck have been very good about letting people take a hot shower and clean up, and provide soap, shampoo, lotion and free clean towels.
Stefani Kim November 08, 2012 at 08:35 PM
Additionally, the Hampshire Country Club in Mamaroneck has offered to let people from the community use their showers.


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