Paulies Hosts Debut NEXT Charity Concert

Derek James and Steven Wright Mark kick off the monthly event.

Friday night was the first in the NEXT Music Charity Concert Series hosted by in Pleasantville.

and sponsored by area businesses, the concert series was designed to showcase area artists and plans to donate all proceed to charities. This evening's $10 admission fee will benefit the Gilda's Club of Westchester and the Greyston Foundation.

"A former Peak member is now working with Gilda's and when he found out about the charity concert series he's like we'd love to be involved," Bro explained. "And the church that I go to, one guy stood up and talked passionately about the Greyston Foundation and all the great work that they do, and I told him about this charity series that I'm putting together and he's like we'd love to help."

Leading off Friday's concert was New York's the Steven Wright Mark band, whose powerpop music got the crowd going with their fun lyrics and great stage presence.

Brooklyn's Derek James captivated the audience with his powerhouse band and versatile voice. Bass player Assaf Spector showed off his multiple talents by doubling on the kazoo. 

The next concert will be on Friday, July 8th. 


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