'Vagina Monologues' Raises $20K for Hope's Door

Area women star in production that raised more than $20,000 for Pleasantville's Hope's Door.

The following comes to us from Elyssa Feldman Most, event co-coordinator, on the success of the  on Saturday night in Hastings-on-Hudson starring a cast full of Rivertown women:

It was an amazing event! We sold out by Friday afternoon, had to turn down emails and phone calls requesting tickets Saturday afternoon and then scrambled to find extra seating for those who showed up at the door Saturday night. The atmosphere at  was electric. It was a fabulous celebration of the community coming together to support women. And the performances were dynamic, heart wrenching, funny and honest.

Our grand total raised was $20,000+. CarlLa Horton from  [women's shelter in Pleasantville] believes, to her knowledge, that this is the most amount raised from a in Westchester.

On Sunday, one of our performer's went to hear Eve Ensler speak at the 92nd Y in NYC and told her about our event. Eve was astounded to hear how much money we were able to raise.

The towns are still buzzing about us!

Thanks to Alexa Brandenberg for these great photos from the show. Click here for more info the V-Day cause.


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