At Pleasantville Tattoo Parlor, Little Romantic Ink on Valentine's Day

Shop sees slower season during colder months; veteran tattoo fans come in the winter.

How can you tell a tattoo neophyte from tattoo veteran?

(Well, other than how much ink they're wearing.)

By the time of year they choose to go under the needle, according to Tony Face, artist at The Tattoo Shop of Pleasantville on Bedford Road.

"The more hardcore get their tattoos in the winter," Face said. "They know if you get one in the summer, you'll have to stay out of the sun—and water—for two weeks."

"Spring and summer are definitely our busy season," he added.

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Surprisingly, the shop didn't see any impulsive paramours stop in for matching tattoos earlier this month on Valentine's Day. But even if they had, the couple might not have marched out with drying ink.

"No stupid tattoos here," Face noted, who has been doing body art and piercing at the Pleasantville location for just shy of a decade. "Nothing questionable—nothing on the lips, or fingers."

Face himself has 36 illustrations on him, from vignettes on his arms to art on his chest. And he has sound advice for anyone considering a design of their own.

"Only one person has to like the tattoo—you," he noted. "It's just got to be something you like."

Face said about 98 percent of folks who walk in bring a personal design, rather than relying on samples and graphics in the store, but that doesn't mean each is unique.

"You know the infinity knot with a heart in the center?" he asks. "I've probably done 60 in three months."

Ever Clean Colon February 28, 2013 at 02:06 AM
Tony is wonderful! Me and my family have been many times for our ear piercing. He is the best! Hope to see you soon.


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