Future of Connecticut Skiing May be in Jeopardy

Canadian researchers tell the Hartford Courant that temperature changes may make it impossible for ski areas to maintain profitability within the next 30 years.


Earlier this year, Connecticut skiiers received welcomed news when Middefield approved the sale of the abandoned Powder Ridge Ski Area to a park owner who wants to invest $2 million and restore downhill skiing.

But a report published in the Hartford Courant Sunday shows that investing in Connecticut ski areas might not be a wise decision. 

The newspaper reports that Canadian researchers say slight changes in temperature within the next few decades may make it impossible to have profitable ski seasons in New England states south of Vermont and New Hampshire.

While that may be a long-term concern for Connecticut's few remaining ski areas, owners have more pressing concerns: they hope temperatures get cold soon.

The owners of Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall and Mount Southington hope to open on Dec. 15 (dependent on the weather), while New Hartford's Ski Sundown states on its website that it hopes to open "as soon as possible."

Woodbury Ski Area, which is usually among the first to open in New England, has been welcoming skiiers since the middle of October.

Where Can I Ski Locally? 

Here's a look at Connecticut ski areas, as well as some in Massachussetts and Vermont:




Trish Morrissey December 10, 2012 at 03:50 PM
A interesting article about the impact of climate change. Could you perhaps make a few corrections? Mohawk Mountain has 25 trails - not 13 as your story indicates. Since we are not yet open, we have not reported any base depths, so that number is also inaccurate. Could you please correct? Also, while we intend to open Saturday, December 15, that would be dependent on the weather, so please check our website before you make a trip out. Think snow!
Paul Singley December 10, 2012 at 05:16 PM
Thanks. Will do.


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