New Iron Horse Owner Brings 'Crossroads of America’ to Pleasantville

Eat at a new city every month—in Pleasantville.

Iron Horse Owner Andrew Economos. Photo credit: Michael Nocella
Iron Horse Owner Andrew Economos. Photo credit: Michael Nocella

Soon after Andrew Economos purchased the Iron Horse Grill from longtime owner Phil McGrath last month, his vision for the railroad-based restaurant quickly came into focus.

“Crossroads of America” is a newly launched theme at Iron Horse that brings a new city-inspired menu to the restaurant every few weeks. Its first stop, which began Nov. 19, was New Orleans.

“Every month I want our customers traveling to a different city, right from the comfort of Pleasantville,” Economos said. “Whether it’s New Orleans, Napa Valley, Atlanta, San Francisco or Maryland, our chefs will find a way to bring new items to our menu.”

Economos said that the traditional Iron Horse menu that has made the restaurant a Pleasantville favorite is still available and won’t be going anywhere. Crossroads of America is simply an additional adventure intended for both chefs and customers to experience and enjoy, he said. 

Economos, a Scarsdale resident, is no stranger to bringing new excitement to a restaurant in Pleasantville, as he is also a co-owner of Pony Express and Seahorse Seafood Shack—both Iron Horse neighbors.

It’s safe to say he is a fan of Pleasantville.

“It’s just a very nice town,” Economos said. “The downtown is lovely and the people are very friendly here on top of being a very loyal client base. I also love the relationship and proximity to Jacob Burns Film Center.”

Economos, an owner of five restaurants, had a long career working for NBC. He said his favorite part about traveling on the job was entertaining clients—and himself—at great restaurants, wherever it was. Now he hopes his restaurants, Iron Horse now included, can do the same for others.

“I love restaurants, and I enjoy owning them,” he said. “So far, feedback from my customers has been great. I hope it continues.”

Those interested in “visiting Napa Valley” at Iron Horse can do so starting Tuesday, Dec. 3 through Tuesday, Dec. 14.

For more information about Iron Horse, and Crossroads of America, visit its website here

Cameron Gilbert December 04, 2013 at 09:54 AM
Sounds like a really good idea. Haven't been to this restaurant in years but will have to give it a try again. Good luck with the new venture!


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