No More Lost Sippy Cups Thanks to Briarcliff Company

A “dadpreneur” designs a gadget to re-unite kids with their missing cups.

Add another parent-designed product to the list of items you never knew you needed for your toddler.

The “Sippy Finder” has just been launched from Lost Then Found, a Briarcliff Manor-based company. The device is a Velcro-attached receiver that adheres to that ever-disappearing favorite sippy cup. The transmitter button is pressed and a beep is sounded—alerting you to look in the closet, under the couch or wherever the cup was left.

A businessman and father of two young children, Morgan Carey, said the inspiration came to him about three years ago after getting frequently frustrated by losing valuable time while trying to locate his children’s drinking cups.

“I got the idea from the locator function on our home phones,” Carey said.

He then met with a business consultant and began work on prototypes for the “Sippy Finder.”

The 34 year-old Somers resident said he finally settled on a design that has an easy attachment and that can be run through the dishwasher without a problem.

“Of course, it had to be safe,” he added, noting the receiver is large and therefore not a choking hazard.

This past summer, the first shipment was completed and Carey said he secured a commitment from Amazon.com to purchase some of his product. It is available through the online retailer for $28.76.

He is also working with a vendor to distribute the Sippy Finder online and hopes to sell his product on sites like Buy-Buy Baby and Diapers.com, as well as locally at in Briarcliff Manor.

Sippy Cup Finder's website states “10 minutes of lost time per day amounts to 60 hours of wasted time per year”—a problem Carey expects his invention will help alleviate.

“I want to help moms and dads from wasting valuable time,” he said.

And when the kids grow out of using Sippy cups, the device's universal attachment will keep it useful for finding grown-up items, too.

“When I sent the product to some of my friends to try out,” Carey joked, “one of my buddies told me that he was using it to find his beer.”


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