Pleasantville Seafood Options Expand with Seahorse

Seahorse Seafood Shack takes over the space formerly occupied by Pony Express on Wheeler.

Pleasantville's Seahorse Seafood Shack.
Pleasantville's Seahorse Seafood Shack.
Emphasizing the "simple," Pleasantville's new Seahorse Seafood Shack is offering a number of lunch and dinner options in downtown Pleasantville.

Owned by Chef Philip McGrath—who also operates next-door dinner-only restaurant Iron Horse Grill and the recently-expanded Pony Express across the street—the Seahorse Seafood Shack takes over the latter's vacated space at 30 Wheeler Ave.

"At Seahorse we prepare our fish simply," the paper menu reads.

The menu include sandwich or basket of sole, salmon, cod, swordfish, sea scallops, crabby patties, Coney Island lobster roll or organic chicken breast grilled or battered; a daily taco dish, a long with shrimp or crabmeat cocktail appetizers.

The personalized fish orders come with a choice of "tangy tartar, "coral chipotle," "killer cocktail," "mermaids mist" or "briny balsamic" sauces. Sides include fries, coleslaw, greens and avocado.

McGrath also notes one of the bestselling items is the "very popular clear (no cream) Rhode Island Cherrystone Chowder" and the restaurant offers daily specials.

Have you checked out Seahorse yet? Tell us what you would recommend and share other local food experiences, photos and mini reviews on our new Taste of Pleasantville-Briarcliff Manor page here.


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