Valet Service, and More, Makes Commuting Life Easier

No more parking woes for Briarcliff commuters.

How does a village handle a situation where there are more Metro North parking permit holders than available spots in which to park? 

Offer valet parking…and then some.

Several years ago, when a proposal to erect a parking facility to ease the parking plight at the Scarborough train station was met with resident opposition, the village found a solution. Provide a service that would provide commuters with more spaces while reducing the amount of time spent scrounging for a spot. 

What started as a temporary solution to an increasingly difficult dilemma—too many cars, but not enough spots—has developed into a permanent service offering, seemingly appreciated by all. 

Juan Tirado, who has been managing the station's Propark America facility since its inception, explained the process.

“The system is simple,” stated Tirado.

Drivers simply leave their cars with the attendants, recording their anticipated return time on a ticket, which is then left with the car. Once the commuters make their way to the platform, the attendants re-park the cars. Autos scheduled for the earliest pick up remain in front of the lot, with later pick ups placed in the back. 

Tirado explained further, “It started as temporary work, but it was such a hit they continued it. We started with about 70 cars and are responsible for over 125.”

Tirado not only enjoys managing the facility, but brings plenty of experience. As a teen in Puerto Rico, Tirado worked for a car dealership and garage and gained extensive experience handling cars…and people.

Noting how generous residents are during the holiday season, he said, “I have won the hearts of my clients and I want to stay here.”

The process keeps employees busy—and residents happy.

“I have to re-park every car. But, clients typically arrive at the same time every day. I love it here, I try my best to keep the people happy,” revealed Tirado. 

And Tirado is not the only one who enthusiastically provides the service.

John McNamara, from West Nyack, is typically on hand in the afternoon to assist with returning commuters.

McNamara pointed out, “I match up all the cars with faces and know most of the clients on a first name basis, which speeds the process.”

Other commuter benefits prevail as well.

Arriving back to the lot early than expected poses no problems. Commuters can simply call ahead once they realize they may be arriving at the station sooner than planned. The attendants will have the car re-positioned and ready for quick departure.

Another available service is car maintenance. Drivers who leave their cars with the valet can have their cars a car washed—inside and out—for an additional $20.

Resident permit holders seem pleased as well.

Shay, a resident of Briarcliff Manor for only a few short months, quickly realized the advantages.

“The valet is great. The lot gets packed early and I used park a long way from the train," she said. "Now I can park here."

The annual fee, open to all Briarcliff Manor residents, is $550. A smaller number of non-resident permits are available as well. More information can be found at .

Juliet Kingston May 19, 2011 at 11:57 AM
This is truly a great idea!


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