Cat Reportedly Tossed from Car in Westchester

The Briarcliff Manor-based SPCA of Westchester is searching for leads in the cat's death.

A woman rushed a severely injured cat that was reportedly thrown out of a moving car in Scarsdale this week, according to the SPCA of Westchester.

Lisa Bonanno-Spence, the Briarcliff Manor organization's development manager, said, "A good samaritan who witnessed this atrocity picked up the cat and rushed it to Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale. Unfortunately, the cat was dead upon arrival."

The woman did not provide her name to the veterinarian's office and was gone from the scene before SPCA Director of Humane Law Enforcement Ernest Lungaro arrived at the scene.

Lungaro reportedly told LoHud.com the cat's injuries were consistent with being thrown from a car.

The SPCA is now searching for any information about the woman who rushed the young cat to the hospital, as well as any leads regarding the person(s) responsible for allegedly mistreating the cat in a way that ultimately led to her death.

If you have any information about the woman or the incident, the SPCA asks that you call its confidential hotline at 914-941-7797.

MJC December 09, 2012 at 02:05 PM
What is wrong with people? What did this cat do to you to make you throw it out the window? This is a disgrace & travesty! That manicial person should've brought that poor defenseless cat to Elmsford Animal Shelter-its a no kill shelter or given to someone if you were no longer able to love & care for this baby. I am hugging my two babies (cats) & telling them I love them both, like I do everyday & going to make a donation @ Elmsford in this babys name to show that their life did not go unnoticed!
JM December 10, 2012 at 03:11 PM
I'm not a cat person, but I am an animal lover. Just before the big storm in Oct. I rescued a kitten so that it could be rehabilitated from living in rocks and adopted by a good home. For the few hours I had this kitten in a carrier awaiting the rescue volunteer, I fed it and watered it and did feel rather proud to have saved his life. It was just so adorable, so much so.... the thought did cross my mind, "after its domesticated, should I give it home?'' Nonetheless, I did not as I have an exotic pet. But in reading stories such as these... the only thing I can think to say is, we must find who tossed the cat out of a moving car and we must decided as a community that the only appropriate punishment would be tossing those involved out of a moving truck, and preferably somewhere near the Palisades cliffs....


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