Summertime Fun With Your Kids

using a calming jar to help get through the lulls of summer

Summertime is such a wonderful time to spend with your kids. Some of us have opted to spend most of the summer with our kids and not put them in camp all summer (as I did). And I am learning how to be more creative with our days…

Spending time with our children is priceless, although there is a price to pay for it.  There are days when I wonder what I was thinking and my kids just can’t calm down!  So I found a solution: a glitter jar.

A glitter jar is simply a make-it-yourself snow globe, and you can adjust the color of the glitter to your favorite color.  The magical glitter jar was introduced to me in recent yoga training, and has been a great tool in both my classes and at home.  I take my glitter jar everywhere.  Everybody likes sparkly things, non?

All it takes is a clean, clear jar, glitter, glitter glue and some hot water and viola! your calmness tool has been created. 

A glitter jar is a great way to bring kids back down when they are upset and just can’t bring themselves back to down to a calm state.  When we meet them at their level and we are not calm either, doesn’t help the situation.  A glitter jar offers a focal point for their mixed up thoughts.  They can release their thoughts that are moving in every direction and rejoin a happy place in their minds.

When upset, crying, or just plain unreasonable, grab your trusty glitter and jar and shake it up.  Watch how it moves all over the place.  Then, only with your eyes, follow the glitter…watch it swirl and move through the jar. Imagine the glitter is your thoughts, swirling around in your head at that moment.   Slowly, slowly, as the glitter settles, your thoughts will follow the glitter’s path and settle too.  

This can be done silently at first. It make take a couple of shakes to calm ALL those thoughts.  But that is ok. It takes time. 

A nice way to continue the relaxed state is to use your voice to soothe them:

Be very still and imagine a shower of light. You can close your eyes if you wish, or just watch the glitter jar.  Thousands of tiny, sparkly droplets of light are raining on you. First they touch your head, and instantly your head feels relaxed. They the drip down your face and whole of your face-smell the cool rain dripping on your face.  You begin to feel the shower of light on your shoulders and arms. How does that feel to you? Soft, slippery, heavy, relaxed? Now the rain of light is pouring over your whole body, your legs, feet and you are completely soaked by the shower of light. Take in the smells, sensations/feelings of your body as you bathe in this sparkly shower of light. 

Breathe in peace.

Enjoy your calming jar


Elisha Fernandes Simpson CKYT, RYT, aka laughing hearts yoga  classes are on summer vacation.  She will be teaching a class at Croton Landing 8/11 at 8:15am for tweens and adults.

Classes resume in September at Hudson Yoga and Carrie E. Tompkin Elementary school in Croton-on-Hudson. She teaches family and kids (ages 7 -18) yoga and organizes free bi-weekly yoga classes for people with breast cancer. Become a friend on Facebook's laughing hearts yoga page.


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