Local GoFundMe Campaign Fighting 'War on Drones'

Photo credit: GoFundMe
Photo credit: GoFundMe

Hastings-on-Hudson resident Nick Mottern is fighting the war on drones – but he is asking for your help to do so.

Mottern began raising money on GoFundMe for his cause in July in order to begin "building bodies of MQ-9 reaper drone replicas out of fiberglass." He has raised nearly $15,000, however needs approximately $18,500 more.

Here is some of Mottern’s GoFundMe post

So far, thanks to our supporters on Go Fund Me, the Puffin Foundation and the Sparkplug Foundation, we have gathered enough money to create a mold and build and ship four of the “new” replicas.

The first went to Amnesty International for its “Game of Drones” tour http://amnestygameofdrones.tumblr.com, and the others have gone to organizers in Boston, Eagle River, Wisconsin and Columbia, South Carolina.

Now we need to gather $18,600 to be able to build and ship six more to meet requests from organizers who are determined to step up protest and education in the face of US drone atrocities that seem to seek new milestones of death and audacity, as evidenced in drone killing of Yemeni wedding goers on December 12, 2013. http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/12/19/the-aftermath-of-drone-strikes-on-a-wedding-convoy-in-yemen/?_r=0

We will need to work very hard to get the new replicas fielded by Spring 2014, and we must raise the above amount of money to meet that goal. Those awaiting replicas include organizers in Rochester, NY; Baltimore-Washington; and Seattle. 

Mottern has raised $14,833 towards his $33,000 goal. To read more about, and to support, the cause, click through the window above. More than 30 people have donated in just five months, according to his GoFundMe page


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