Local GoFundMe Campaign: Help Isaac Stay at SUNY Purchase

Isaac Campbell.
Isaac Campbell.

Mount Vernon resident Isaac Campbell needs your financial assistance to keep him in school at SUNY Purchase. He has until Jan. 23 to raise the money.

Here is part of Campbell’s GoFundMe post

I have embarked on my senior year in college with 30 credits left until I graduate and I have run into an obstacle. My family is not in any financial position to help me pay for my education now just as they were not able to help me in the past. I fund my education through minor financial aid and money out of pocket with my current retail job. Tuition hikes have finally taken its toll on me and now I have a bill of $5,000 that my family and I simply cannot pay. I have tried loans, without co-signers and was denied and the co-signer I have had has been denied. My parents want my siblings and I to have a better education then they had as any parent would want for their child. If I am able to graduate, I will join my 2 remaining siblings as the first members of my immediate family to finish college, My twin brother Isaiah graduated from SUNY Purchase in 2012 & my sister Rachel has been blessed enough to obtain her Masters from Boston College this past May. I do not know where else to turn. So I am asking whoever can help to please "Go Fun Me"! ->>I have until January 23rd to raise the money!

Campbell has raised $1,170 towards his $5,000 goal. To support the cause, click through the window above. Fifty people have donated in two months, according to his GoFundMe page


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