Carvin Announces "Cup o Joe" Campaign

The Joe Carvin Congressional Campaign announces "Cup O Joe" events hosted by 17th Congressional District residents at their homes.

Rye Town Supervisor and congressional candidate Joe Carvin (R-NY-17), who is running for Congress to tackle the federal debt that is killing job growth and strangling the American economy, announced a series of kitchen forums that will be held in the homes of Westchester and Rockland families between now and Election Day. 

Called simply "Cup o' Joe's," these events are designed to help educate Westchester and Rockland families about the true scope of the nation's federal debt crisis and to outline what must be done to dig ourselves out of it. Mr. Carvin's campaign will provide the coffee "to help wake us to the reality of what needs to get done in Washington." 

"There are two paths this country can take, and voters in the 17th Congressional District will have a clear choice in November of which one they prefer," Mr. Carvin said. "Twenty-four-year incumbent Nita Lowey represents the path that led us to where we are today; my path will lead us out of this mess. These Cup o' Joe events will lay out the crisis we are in, what it means to us and our children, and what we we must do to get the country back on solid footing." 

As Town Supervisor of Rye, Mr. Carvin reduced spending by 25% and lowered taxes every year he has been in office. He has refused to accept a salary for the position. 

"Washington politicians dug us the deepest financial hole in world history, but there is a way out.  We just need elected officials with the courage to make the tough but necessary calls," Mr. Carvin continued. "I am placing a bet this year that Westchester and Rockland voters are ready to hear the truth and do what they must for the sake of this nation. I know I am right in thinking that." 

Joe Carvin, a native of Port Chester, NY, is a successful agricultural investor who has lived and worked on five continents.  He graduated Cum Laude from Tulane University with a B.A. in International Relations and became a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar to Senegal where he was awarded an honorary degree from the United Nations Institute for Economic Planning and Development. He holds an M.B.A from New York University and an M.P.A. from Harvard University. He speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Wolof (a West African language.) After working a number of years with Deutsche Bank he helped set up Altima Partners where he helps finance some of the largest farms in the world. Mr. Carvin lives in Rye Brook with his wife, a non-practicing attorney, and two daughters, Keira and Rhianna who attend local public schools. His son, Michael, lives and works in New York City. 

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Sam Marcus August 10, 2012 at 03:26 AM
Joe, the fiscal issues you are shouting about must be addressed but absolutely ignoring 90% of the issues makes you a tea party one trick pony and you have so much more to offer than that. President Obama, who you voted for, is far from perfect but he has contributed to creating more non-govt jobs than any republican I know. http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2012/06/01/493849/obama-bush-jobs-record/ Romney has done a u-turn on every issue of significance. Every one. Healthcare, gay rights, etc. on and on. His own staff described him a an etch-a- sketch changing based on the direction of the wind. Do you think the most junior rep in congress will get an audience if the is only one note to play.
tedc August 11, 2012 at 12:57 AM
Poor Sam. He’s soo partisan he can’t see this guy is no tea party – he’s Astro Turf Tea Party. Sam, please do your homework – http://www.lausdeo10580.com/lausdeo10580/2012/06/carvin-confronted-on-obama-vote-and-not-paying-income-taxes.html http://www.lausdeo10580.com/lausdeo10580/2012/06/new-york-state-issues-tax-warrants-to-gop-congressional-candidate-carvinover-90k-in-liens-placed-against-property-from-2006.html But Sam? I’m likely still voting for this tax deadbeat because Pelosi’s Pet has got to go. She’s a joke and a disgrace and when begged for help by a Rye World War II hero – she let him literally die disgraced by corrupt Rye politicians in a patronage permitting scandal. A bucket of water might likely melt her. Be gone!
Bob M October 14, 2012 at 07:30 PM
1) Romney has never said he would shut down planned parenthood. He said he would stop sending public money to it. As you said, it's a private organization, it should run on private money. 2) You need a photo ID to enter an Obama campaign event, but not to vote? Just because fraud likely doesn't occur very often, doesn't mean it shouldn't be prevented. Imagine if there was just a few cases of voter fraud in Minnesota's last senate election, or in the contested counties during Bush-Gore. Election results could have changed. It's responsible to require a basic level of ID, and given that they're provided free, and even the woman who challenged PA's ID law got one THE NEXT DAY, I don't think racism is a fair charge. 3) If you want universal garbage, that's fine. I'd prefer high quality healthcare with true structural reforms to encourage coverage. There's a reason people come here for important procedures. You don't see them joining the monthlong line at the UK's government-run health services. 4) No one is increasing taxes on the middle class. Romney is for structural tax reform - lower rates, with mostly offsetting decreased deductions - which just so happens to be the same thing that Kennedy and Reagan did. 5) And your allies are Michael Moore, Rachael Maddow, and George Soros. La di da. 6, 7, and 8) Just copying and pasting talking points do not create arguments worthy of retort.
Bob M October 14, 2012 at 07:35 PM
Obama created jobs? You're seriously counting the slowest growth in jobs in any recovery since the Great Depression as a positive? A trained dog could have done just as well - citing raw numbers without giving context is pointless. The labor force is smaller than it was in the early 1980's, and yet we still have massive unemployment. THAT is the Obama jobs record. And Joe Carvin is Tea Party? He voted for Obama, but he's Tea Party? That makes perfect sense.
Rosenkr4nz November 06, 2012 at 01:48 AM
According to his latest FEC report, on October 10, Joe Carvin quietly paid himself $250,000 from his campaign to refund part of his so-called "million-dollar contribution." http://images.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/fecimg/?12940437816 Has he saved the remaining $544,000 in his campaign fund for another refund or has he spent it on his campaign as his contributors assumed that he would? And let's not forget Joe's approach to reducing taxes: Just don't pay them! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tAXc917yRo While Carvin may feel that his employment at a foreign-owned hedge fund is good preparation for Congress, many believe that the secretive, speculative, hedge fund mentality was a contributing factor to the recent economic collapse. Carvin’s involvement with a “One-World Agriculture” hedge fund should be investigated further. There has been substantial criticism of international agribusiness speculators purchasing local small farms in developing nations to turn a quick profit and then leave the soil depleted of essential minerals. For example, see: Worldwide Corporate Control of Agriculture: The New Farm Owners http://www.eurasiacritic.com/articles/worlwide-corporate-control-agriculture-new-farm-owners Corporate Investors Lead the Rush for Control over Overseas Farmland Private investors are not turning to agriculture to solve world hunger or eliminate rural poverty. They want profit, pure and simple.


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