Blogs: Fat Cats; Texting and Driving

A recap of recent and popular blog posts in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam.

Do These Pants Make Me Look Fat?

Pet obesity is a growing epidemic in our dogs and cats. It is estimated that over 50 percent of pets are overweight or obese! Here are a few tips for assessing your pet’s body condition, and for helping him shed a few pounds.

To assess your pet’s body condition, look down at her from above. You should see a waistline, like an hourglass. Also, when you feel over her chest, you should just be able to make out the ribs. If her body goes straight back from shoulders to rump without an indentation behind the ribs, or she’s looking like a pear, or you can’t feel the ribs at all, it’s time to lose some weight. Take a look at the Body Condition Score chart. On a scale of 1 to 5, we consider 3 to be normal.

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Texting and Driving Survey says Adults are Worse than Teens

If you thought teens were the biggest offenders when it comes to texting while driving, think again.

There’s a new poll out from AT&T which shows nearly half of all adults have admitted to texting behind the wheel while driving. Compare that to just 43 percent of teens.

And the problem has gotten worse.  Six in 10 commuters say they never texted while driving three years ago.  While there are many public efforts to raise the awareness of the dangers of texting while driving,  98% of commuters surveyed said they know sending a text or email while driving isn’t safe.

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New York Pulls You Back In

Home ownership is a relatively rare and peculiar thing in New York City. In a nation that consists mostly of homeowners, the city stands apart: More than two-thirds of its households are composed of those who rent, rather than own, their dwellings.

The differences are not limited to ownership rates, either. Like the rest of America, New York has its single-family homes and its row houses. It also has condominiums, in which individuals own their apartments while common areas are shared. But, to a degree unheard of in the rest of the country, New York’s housing stock also includes cooperatives.

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