'Every Day Should Be Small Business Day!'

Holiday shopping, Douglas Kennedy's not guilty verdict, and the demolition of a farmhouse are just some of the topics that got people talking on the Patch comments board last week.

Merchants Excited for Small Business Saturday

"Every day should be small business day!" -- Quaker

Letter to the Editor: American Conservatism at a Crossroads

"They need to take a leaf out of the book of the conservative party of England. Plenty of people would vote for a conservative party which denies extremist positions, comes across as reasonable and solid, and which does the decent thing by people. Monomaniacs who are pathologically obsessed with issues do not win votes, they alienate people, and they need to be shown the door. Romney, fundamentally a decent guy, cannot muffle the din of the lunatic fringe. They need to be ignored or sidelines, a another reasonable candidate put forward. Chris Christie is such a candidate, but no doubt there are others. No swing voters are going to vote for the party with the most extremists - its antithetical to them, they are already people who like considered, thoughtful positions. Also, the one group you do not want to listen to as to why people "did not vote republican" is the people that did vote Republican. That group can tell you exactly nothing." -- BG7

Douglas Kennedy Found Not Guilty

"Heartbreaking? Corruption? Get a grip. The only thing clear is that it was the right decision to let a rational, legally informed person decide the case. Hospital rules and procedures are not laws no matter how much employees protest. This case should never have gone to a criminal trial." -- marge s

VIDEO: David Carlucci Calls For Generators at Gas Stations

"Great idea to have the generators.......but why is the government always forcing business to pay the brunt...This is why businesses are leaving this area...Leave the private businesses alone......The government should get it's own house in order!!!" -- Had Enough

1700s Farmhouse on Watershed Land in West Nyack to be Demolished

"To set the record straight, this decision was not truly "unanimous". I am a member of the Historical Review Board. I was absent from the HRB's October 30 meeting because I was displaced from my home due to Hurricane Sandy (which struck two days earlier). Had I been present, I would have voted against this decision. The HRB code requires owners to maintain historically designated properties. There is no exception in the code for public utilities. United Water has, for years, failed to maintain the house. The result is that the Teaberry house has been allowed to fall into such disrepair that its collapse is imminent. I believe United Water should have been held to task for this. -Jason Vogel" -- Jason Vogel

Vacancies: What Should Become of Garden Street School?

"I think a cooking institute...a school that brings in young professionals to come into the area and fill the housing stock we already have. Then the Village can encourage the opening up lots of great restaurants so the many people who travel through the Village will want to stay a while and spend some time in the Village, boost our economy, and make the Village a happening place. The convenience to NYC cannot be beat...so cooking professionals can travel to jobs elsewhere too." -- Maria

Holiday Shopping: Spending Limits For Kids’ Presents?

"When the kids are small it's definitely quantity over quality. No big expensive gifts needed. Just lots of inexpensive things wrapped up in wonderful paper sitting under the tree is enough to make the kids giddy. We didn't set a limit but made sure both kids had the same number of presents to open. When they got older and understood money and expense they were happy with the one thing they really wanted (within reason). As the other readers said, it's not all about the presents. It's not all about the food either. It has lost it's original Christian message but it is still a time of hope and miracles. For adults it reminds us about the importance of life, family & loved ones. For kids it's truly magical. Music, snowmen, Santa, reindeer, Christmas trees, decorations, TV shows, 'feety' pajamas, hot chocolate, angels, parties and , yes, presents make the season wonderful for them. If they happen to learn the true meaning of Christmas along the way then that's good too." -- RJ

Is Black Friday Shopping For You?

"I think the whole idea of Black Friday is great - shopping in your home community and bolstering the local economy. However, these crazy midnight hours etc really hurt families and those trying to spend down time with loved ones. Black Friday - yes, but with normal business hours please!" -- Susan Riley

Editor's Note: Comments have been edited for grammar and spelling. 

GoingOutofBusinessGloriously November 24, 2012 at 09:55 PM
what's with the headline? Why should everyday be small business day? do tell?


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