Summercliff Producers' Thank You Letter

The Briarcliff Manor-based group has had another successful season.

An Open Letter to the Community,

For the 2007 inaugural season of the Summercliff Players, we performed Once On This Island. Every year that followed we wished there was another fun show like this one with bright colors and music that makes the audience want to dance. When Kathleen Donovan-Warren and Nadia Rizzo , we put our faith in their immensely creative and talented hands. Jim Britt set out to build the puppets, Helen Coope wove in her choreography, Gina DiSenso and Norma DeSousa worked magic with fabrics. Cliff Bruno and Phil Belgrave brought the island sounds to life. Nadia moves us to tap our feet and sing along while Kathleen has retold this story and in a new and vibrant way. We deeply appreciate them all and know how lucky we are to work with this incredible team.

To Lauren Gualdino, our outstanding Production Manager; we are so grateful that she keeps getting her foot stuck in the door. To Alex Poller, Matt Wolf and Andrew Pugliese, our Managers, who have done everything asked of them and more. To Allie Samuel, who has been on and off this stage since the beginning and can’t imagine being anywhere else in the summer. And to Lindsay Pasieka, who has traded performing for props.
To Henry Jamin and the staff who put up with us all year round, (one of us more than the other) and for always being there when we need them.

To Anthony Bauso and the district custodial staff, Briarcliff Friends of the Performing Arts and the Briarcliff Manor Community Coalition who support and assist us.

To the parents, especially those that help us year after year, for your time and efforts.

And to the cast and crew, it is because of your dedication and hard work that we are once again able to tell thisstory.

We thank you all!

Georgina Gualdino and Bette Samuel
Summercliff Players Producers


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