Armed Robbery at Mount Kisco CVS Reported

Patch File Photo: CVS in Mount Kisco.
Patch File Photo: CVS in Mount Kisco.
An armed robbery was reported Sunday from the CVS in Mount Kisco, Mount Kisco police announced.

It is alleged that a cashier at the CVS, which is located at 10 South Bedford Road, was held up by the robber and that the person displayed "a semiautomatic hand gun described as black in color."

The suspect allegedly demanded money from the store's register and left with what police call "a minimal amount of cash."

Police released a description of the suspect, which states that it is an Hispanic male and about 5-6" in height. The description adds that the suspect had "glasses, a black knit hat, silver scarf, brown colored tan vest, gray slacks, and pair of gloves, one red in color and the other black."

Police urge anyone with information to call the Detective Squad at 914-666-3855.
PatchRat January 26, 2014 at 07:27 PM
It takes a very special brand of stupid to stage an armed robbery at a chain store that substantially no longer has cashiers. Been to a CVS lately? They are just another of the many chains who are blurring the lines between customer and cashier - forcing customers to check themselves out at the register. Apparently for CVS, Home Depot and many others, a few cashiers on each shift at minimum wage make the difference between a store being profitable or operating at a loss. In any event, this "armed robber" took a lot of risk to essentially execute an armed robbery at an ATM. Note to armed robbers: even the average armed bank heist now only yields approximately $2800. Armed robbery for pocket change - takes a very special brand of stupid. Off to Sing Sing you go.


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