Attempted Sex Abuse Accusations at Ossining MS

Student accused of demanding that another student perform a sex act in an AMD bathroom.

New details are emerging about the incident that took place in an bathroom. It happened at 8:25 a.m. on April 26 on the third floor of the boys bathroom, according to Spokesman Kieran O'Leary.

Investigators say they are not releasing the age, grade or any other details about the alleged victim. However, they are saying that the two other boys involved in the incident are both 13-year-old eighth-graders.

One of the boys is accused of pushing the alleged victim into a bathroom stall, then demanding that he perform a sex act. The other eighth-grader is accused of standing in front of the bathroom door so no one else could get in.

"The victim would not comply and voices were raised. A school administrator in the hallway became aware that something was happening in the bathroom and he pushed his way in and interrupted the situation almost immediately," said O'Leary.

School staff immediately called the Westchester County Police officer who is AMD's school resource officer. The officer asked detectives to respond to the incident. Those detectives interviewed the alleged victim with a parent by his side. The detectives also interviewed the school administrator who was in the hallway when the incident occurred.

"If these two eight-graders were 16 or older they would have been charged with the following crimes: attempted sex abuse third degree and unlawful imprisonment, misdemeanors," said O'Leary. "The eighth-grader in the stall would have been charged with both, the boy who barred the door just the latter charge. "

However, due to the fact that the boys are only 13-years-old, they only face juvenile delinquency charges. The two will appear in Westchester County Family Court.


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