Mount Pleasant, Briarcliff Police Investigate Countywide Burglaries

Arrests made in Hastings may reveal more information about local burglaries.

Eleven Yonkers residents were taken in to custody and charged with numerous crimes, many of which occurred in Hastings, police said.

On Friday, Jan. 6 a residence on Burnside Drive was burglarized between 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Among the items taken were: jewelry, a small television, two laptop computers, and various other electronic devices.

The Yonkers Police Department’s Narcotics Unit and Emergency Service Unit, in a separate investigation on the same day—executed a search warrant on a residence in Yonkers at 172 Warburton Ave. Though theirs was a drug investigation, among the items recovered were guns, narcotics, cash and various electronic items.

The Mount Pleasant Detective Division also initiated an investigation into the recovered property regarding the recent county-wide burglaries, working with Yonkers and other departments such as Westchester County, , Tarrytown, Dobbs Ferry and Hastings to determine if any of the stolen property could be traced to burglaries that had been committed in their jurisdictions.

As of now, two items that were reported taken from the Burnside burglary—a Laptop Computer and a iPad— have been confirmed as having been recovered in the search of the Yonkers apartment.

Police believe members of this group had been using public transportation to travel to various municipalities along the Hudson Line to commit the burglaries and return to Yonkers via the same route.

The Mount Pleasant Police Department, working with the Yonkers Police and the Hastings Police Detective Division are working to determine whether charges can be filed against any suspects in Yonkers relating to the burglary on Burnside Drive for Criminal Possession of Stolen Property.

“This investigation is still in its infancy and many departments throughout the county continue to work extremely hard to determine where these suspects have been and what crimes that may have committed,” said Hastings’ Lt. David Dosin in a written statement. “It is also of utmost importance that as much property can be returned to the owners, and that they can get some piece of mind.”   

Police recommend all homeowners keep lists of the serial numbers on all of their electronic devices, so that in the event that something is stolen, it makes the recovery process much quicker and exact.

“Please remember to lock your doors and set your alarm if you have one,” police said in a statement released Thursday. “Each small step makes it that much tougher for the bad guy to succeed.”


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