Pace Chronicle Remembers DJ Henry

Student newspaper paid tribute to Henry in a special edition Wednesday.

The Pace Chronicle, 's student newspaper, paid tribute to slain student DJ Henry Wednesday in a special edition publication.

The special edition was released less than a week before October 17, which is the one year anniversary of Henry's death.

While attending college at Pace University in New York last year, the former  (Easton, MA) student and football player was shot and killed by Pleasantville, NY, police officer Aaron Hess outside of a bar.

Since the incident, there have conflicting accounts of what actually happened.

While police have said Henry drove towards Hess and the officer was acting in self-defense, other witnesses have said that the 20-year-old was moving his vehicle from the fire lane after being asked to do so.

Recently, Hess announced through his attorney he is that allegedly sold Henry and his friends alcohol the day before his death.

Patch will have more information on the one-year anniversary on Oct. 17.


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