Pleasantville Police Blotter: Missing Teen Found; Woman Hit at Bar

The following information was supplied by the police department. Arrests do not indicate convictions.

Here's a look at some of the incidents investigated by the  from April 9 — 15, 2012:

Sunday, April 15

7:18 p.m. — Police observed the missing teenager (see below) on Bedford Road with friends. The man told police he would contact his parents.

6:15 p.m. — A Sleepy Hollow woman reported her 19-year-old son had gone missing from her ex-husband's Pleasantville residence at 11 a.m. the day prior. She stated the teen had not engaged in any fighting prior to disappearing, but had a history with alcohol. She further stated he did not take his cell phone when he left.

2:26 a.m. — Police received a 911 call from a woman who reported a group of people were "carrying on" with a pedestrian on Bedford Road. Police were dispatched to the scene and interviewed the driver, a New Jersey man, who said he had been in an argument with his brother. His brother had decided to walk back to instead of ride in the car with him.

1:09 a.m. — A caller reported there was a loud group of people congregated at who may have been engaging in a fight. Police responded to the scene and reported no fighting was observed. Police asked bar staff to quiet the crowd.

Saturday, April 14

10:45 a.m. — A patrol officer was flagged down by a Yorktown man who said temporary signs in front of had been removed and their posts had been damaged several times in the past few weeks. The incident was reported for the record.

Friday, April 13

11:37 p.m. — Police received a call from a 33-year-old Pleasantville woman who reported she had been struck by a 35-year-old Hawthorne woman at . She stated the two had been an argument stemming from the past and she did not want to pursue any charges. The case is closed at this time.

Thursday, April 12

10:10 a.m. — A Nannahagan Road resident called police and reported she was having issues with a neighboring apartment dweller. She stated that at approximately 4 a.m. that day, she heard a loud bang outside her door and saw her neighbr had broken a coffee mug. She stated that she saw him cleaning up the pieces on security camera footage. Police responded to the scene and both parties agreed not to have any further contact and to resolve all future issues with the landlord.

Tuesday, April 10

8:40 p.m. — A 19-year-old Pleasantville man was arrested for possession of an alcoholic beverage with the intent to cosume on Cooley Street. HIs court appearance is pending.


Note: The Patch Police Blotter is a summary only — it does not represent all activity of the Pleasantville Police Department.


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