Pleasantville Police Urge Community Spirit

Chief Love encourages community members to be comfortable with officers.

Even during these colder months, you may notice officers frequently patrolling the village on foot.

In an effort Chief of Police Richard Love calls "community policing," patrol officers are often assigned to walking tours.

"We are working with the community to prevent crime," he explained. "We also want people to be comfortable with police officers and be able to work with us and try to be on the same page."

The initiative has helped Police Officer Erin Holly, the department's , become acquainted with Pleasantville quickly.

"It's been great," she said one month and four days into her new role. "Everybody has been so nice—even when you are on calls, people want to work with you."

Holly, who previously worked with the Mount Vernon Police Department, said she has been pleasantly surprised by the attitude of youths' in the community.

"Teenagers have been really receptive and respectful," she said, noting she often takes the time to explain to them why they are asked to move or quiet down when police receive complaints.

"It helps them understand," she said. "People are very courteous."

Holly said she even prefers to be on a first name basis with locals, which was apparent as ' Joseph Lifrieri greeted her as Erin on a cool afternoon.

"It's good to know the officers," he agreed. "It's good they are nice and talk to people."

Love said community policing is important because, "Preventing crime starts out on the community level."

When residents feel comfortable with the police, they are more likely to report suspicious activity, he added.

The chief said the department wants kids in the community to be comfortable approaching officers as well, while Holly pointed out a close relationship can lead to opportunities to explain to youths, "what's crime and what's not crime."


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Jonathan D September 01, 2012 at 10:47 PM
As far as i know, Erin Holly did not leave the Mount Vernon police force on good terms. She is one of the least courteous and most arrogant cops out there. Lord knows how she even made it through training. I feel truly sorry for the residents of Pleasantville. It's only a matter of time before she drops this fake nice act and shows her true colors. What a shame.


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