Several Hurt in Shooting Near Empire State Building

NYPD: Gunman kills his 41-year-old former manager, two woman and 7 men wounded; shooter killed by police officer.

A 53-year-old Manhattan man who was fired from his apparel-industry job a year ago opened fire near the Empire State Building in NYC at about 9 a.m. this morning, killing his 41-year-old former manager and wounding 2 women and 7 men, according to New York City Police.

The gunman, using a .45 caliber handgun, reportedly confronted a former coworker in front of the company's office on West 33rd Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues. He killed him via shots to the head, police said, and a construction worker who witnessed it alerted police who were stationed on an anti-terrorism post nearby.

The shooter, identified as Jeffrey Johnson, was described as a clothing designer who was recently let go in downsizing efforts after years of employment at Hazan Import Corporation. Two New York Police Department cops shot after he allegedly opened fire on them.

According to The Huffington Post, a witness says the shooter was firing indiscriminately." 

An FDNY spokesman said they received a call just after 9 a.m. today for a shooting.

One witness told Fox 5 News the gunman was shooting "indiscriminately" at people.

The New York Post is reporting that 10 people were shot and police killed the gunman. One female that was shot is dead, according to the New York Post.

ABC 7 News is reporting that this was a "workplace dispute" that lead to the shooting. This was confirmed by NYPD. 

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent victims of today’s tragic shootings and their families," said New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman. "For those of us in government, and in law enforcement, the news of yet another mass shooting so close on the heels of the massacres at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, and in Aurora, Colorado, should make it crystal clear that our current laws have failed to protect the public from gun violence. We must redouble our efforts to protect public safety so that New Yorkers don’t have to live in fear of the next deadly attack.”

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly briefed the press on the incident around 11:30 a.m., stressing that it was not terrorist-related. 

The nine victims—two women and seven men—who were reportedly hit or grazed by bullets exchanged during the gunfire, do not appear to have sustained life-threatening injuries. Bloomberg and Kelly would not release information on their identities, but said there were no children or elderly individuals involved.

Traffic is being diverted around the Empire State Building as officials continue their investigation. More information is expected to be released later in the day.


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