VIDEO: Rye PD Searches for Osborn Invasion Suspect

Rye PD Commissioner William Connors describes police response to home invasion at the Osborn Monday morning.

Rye police responded to an early morning alert from security staff at retirement village on Monday. While police were on the scene investigating staff security's report of a suspicious person on the property, a resident called to report that a male suspect in dark clothes had assaulted her in her apartment.

Police Commissioner William Connors said that the resident woke up and encountered the suspect in a hallway outside her room. The two struggled and the woman suffered significant injuries. The man later escaped the premises. No property has been reported missing and police continue to search for the suspect. The woman  is currently receiving medical treatment at Greenwich Hospital. 

While investigating the crime scene, police found a bag dropped by the suspect which contained a suspicious object. After alerting the county bomb squad, the object was determined to be a canister of taped golf balls with a string attached to it, not an explosive.

Police Commissioner William Connors describes the incident in the above video.


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