Yorktown Brothers Shoot at Hunters Who Wander on Their Property

The information was provided by the Yorktown Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Two Yorktown brothers are facing felony charges after they shot in the direction of two hunters who wandered on their private property while tracking an injured deer, Yorktown police said. 

Richard Padovani, 45 and Ronald Padovani, 46, were charged with first-degree reckless endangerment, a felony. 

The Padovani brothers were arrested on Friday, Nov. 9 after they shot at the two hunters, who wandered on their property at 980 Chapman Road while tracking an injured deer. 

Police allege the men shot numerous rounds from a shotgun and rifle in the direction of the hunters to scare them off. The firearms were located at the residence and turned over to the police. 

No one was injured and no charges were pressed against the hunters, police said.

The Padovani brothers were released on $1,500 cash bail and were scheduled to appear in Yorktown Town Court on Nov. 13.

Will November 15, 2012 at 01:43 PM
As JD says too, don't push the animal to run, let it expire and track it after dark if needed, without the bow. Most of us hunters know all the laws regarding hunting and follow it to the T; we don't want to lose our hunting licenses. As far as shooting rock salt at someone, no one knows what the guns are loaded with. If the police saw you with a gun that you had loaded with rock salt, they would assume it was loaded with lead. Rock salt can still do some damage or kill at close range too. The hunters didn't shoot at the brothers either, why would the brothers just open fire and some random people on their property. As hunters we are told to look beyond your target too, to see where the bullet will end up. What if one of the rounds fired did hit a hiker (granted state parks close at sunset)? As a hunter I been accused of hunting illegally hunting in Yorktown, but it is legal. Some citizens don’t realize large game hunting is legal with a bow and small game hunting is legal with a shotgun. All the information we have is from the media, we don't know if the hunters knowingly entered private property. We don’t know when the shooting occurred, just when the arrest occurred, and we do know that the hunters were fired at.
AH November 15, 2012 at 02:35 PM
I'm glad you're not against the sport. In response to your comment about the hunters trespassing: as with most things in life and the law, the devil's in the details and shades of grey matter. Here, both the headline of this article and the story itself only indicate that the brothers wandered onto private property. (I see the other LoHud articles calls them trespassers, but until they've been charged and found guilty, such a label is really not accurate.) None of the articles on this incident establish as a matter of fact that the hunters knew they had "wandered" onto private property or even that they should have known, and being on private property without a showing of what they knew of should have known is not by itself trespassing. As I mentioned previously, the end of the DEP land is not marked well in this area and private property is also not clearly posted. It is very possible that these hunters did not know (and were not the least bit ignorant in not knowing) where the DEP property ended. Since you seem to want to give the brothers (who seem to have more clearly disregarded the laws of NY) the benefit of the doubt, I need to point out the other (very possible) side of the story.
C Gajowski November 17, 2012 at 02:55 PM
I grew up on a farm, still in the family. People hunt and hike and often cross private property, not always intentionally. There is a strong tradition in Great Britain, and in most rural areas, of accepting that people may walk across private property - but carry the responsibility to respect the property in turn. Hunters usually ask permission, but some tear down posted signs and fences, others ride ATVs and snowmobiles drunk, and damage property in other ways. Bow hunters seem to be among the responsible, maybe because it takes more skill to use a bow well. You don't get to shoot people who are not directly threatening your life in this state. I would guess that someone out in the woods isn't exactly planning a home invasion and quick getaway. You don't because: 1, It's the law. 2. You do not know why they're there - are they lost or looking for help? 3 It's the law. 4) are you ready to accept responsibility for someone’s death or serious injury? Notify the police. A protection for property owners I WOULD like to see: immunity from lawsuits by individuals who injure themselves while doing anything of a personal nature on someone else's property (not on commercial properties where they are paying for use). Now hunter/hikers can sue property owners for injuries brought upon themselves. Reform this part of the law; let people be held responsible for their own actions. I’d prefer this sort of legal protection over the prospects of shooting at people!
Alexa Guarino November 17, 2012 at 10:52 PM
The hunters were down by the stream...there are no trespassing signs every 3 or 4 trees along that side of the perimeter of the property. Also, the hunters were discovered because of their head lights...that means it was dark. Lastly, think about this for a second. It was dark. Unless the brothers were feet away from the hunters, they couldn't see the direction they were shooting. And since they weren't feet away from them, stating that they had fired over the hunters heads is a tactic by the media to make this story more "juicy". The only thing that the brothers should have been charged with is illegally firing a firearm in westchester county, not a felony. AND the hunters should have been charged with trespassing. No ones lives are ruined and both get a little slap on the wrist so they second guess their actions if this situation were ever to come about again.
Eugene January 09, 2013 at 06:40 AM
There are people who think it is ok to shoot at people who wandered onto your property? Are you literally out of your mind? If they are breaking into your house, or are actually threatening you in some way, such as pointing the weapon at you, then you can defend yourself. I want you people who thought it was ok to shoot to take a guess at what one of the reasons a police department is there for. Take a wild guess as it relates to this incident. First of all, I think it was an over-reaction to get upset about hunters looking for deer that they shot. However, if they are on your property you have the right to get them off, either by telling them and they leave, or by calling the police to tell them to leave. If any inappropriate behavior was found by the police, he would take proper action against the hunters, verbal or otherwise. I am not a hunter, but do realize the dangers of having idiots shooting at people because they are scared because of their own perceived dangers. The law is clear on that in N.Y. The appropriate punishment for a hunter, or anyone else who may trespass, is not death or injury. Call the police, if necessary.


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