Ball, Wagner Clash Over Email [POLL]

Tell us who you think is right.

The race for the  grew a bit more contentious this week, as incumbent Greg Ball's (R,C — Patterson) opponent accused him of breaking the law.

According to Steven Napier, campaign manager for  (D — Croton-on-Hudson), Ball recently sent an email "illegally impersonating" Wagner.

"In New York State that is against the law," Napier said in a statement. "Justin Wagner has asked Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore to investigate."

Ball's camp followed up with the below from Jim Coleman, campaign manager:

"Evidently Wacky Wagner can't take the heat outside of his $1,000 an hour law firm being chummy with outsourcers, fracking companies and insurance giants. This threat by this extremist candidate to issue a complaint, as a campaign stunt, is itself a waste of taxpayer dollars, if not illegal," the statement reads. "The email clearly links to a Wacky Wagner video showing Wagner's inherent conflicts as a candidate and while an error was made in the email address 'from' column, the error was corrected and the message is clear. Wacky Wagner is a front for a New York City law firm with dozens of clients who contract with the state, and beyond. He must disclose these clients immediately and give back any illegal contributions. The last thing we need in Albany is another lawyer using their public position for their private benefit, and he will be held accountable."

The 40th Senate District now includes Mount Pleasant (all of Pleasantville and part of Briarcliff Manor).

So, tell us which candidate you're backing in this debate and explain why in the comments.

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HunterFisherman August 20, 2012 at 01:15 PM
Really, this is the best Wagner can do. How about concentrating on the issues, stop wasting taxpayer money on a frivolous "criminal" investigation, put on your big boy pants and run a campaign based on your positions on the issues that concern most of the citizens of the 40th SD. Oh, that's right you're a lawyer and being truthful and factual is not a requirement in your profession. If you want to play with the big boys up in Albany you can't make a "federal case" out of every little distraction. This feigned outrage at the email only makes you look like a little schoolboy who is running to his teacher (DiFiore) because somebody called him a name.


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