Ban Plastic Bags in New Castle? Town Mulls It

Discussion at tonight's town board meeting on whether plastic should take a hike.

Could plastic bags become unwelcome in New Castle? Tonight, the town board will discuss, for the first time, whether to ban their commercial use.

The item is on tonight's agenda after the town's Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB), requested its consideration.

Supervisor Susan Carpenter agreed to the SAB, request, according to an email from her that's in the meeting packet.

"I think its likely there will be lots of "opinion" on the issue from both residents and merchants," Carpenter wrote.

Allison Bari-Guida, a member of SAB, sent a copy of Rye's plastic bags ban ordinance, which prohibits them "for retail checkout of purchased goods."

The Rye ordinance argues that plastic bags are harmful to the environment because they have the potential to clog sewers and pollute waterways, and last for years before breaking down.

Several municipalities in the region have enacted bans of some form, including Rye, Mamaroneck village and Westport, CT.

The town board's work session starts at 8 p.m., at in Chappaqua. However, according to the agenda it will not be the first item on the agenda. Click here to search for it and the packet.

Dr.SusanRubin August 07, 2012 at 01:00 PM
Kudos to the SAB for moving forward with this long overdue initiative. I just spent a week in East Hampton where the bag ban has been in effect for a while. Merchants tell me its not a problem at all. Shoppers don't find it to be a problem either. Let's join the growing number of towns who want to create cleaner communities.


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