Bob Turner Supports Dolan, Notre Dame in Obama Suit

U.S. Rep. says birth control mandate a violation of religious freedom.

U.S. Rep. Bob Turner (R-Forest Hills), rarely misses an opportunity to hammer the president, and he's joined with a major Catholic university and Cardinal Timothy Dolan to do it this week.

Turner expressed his support for the University of Notre Dame's lawsuit against President Barack Obama on Tuesday, saying the federal requirement that religious institutions must provide birth control to their employees violates religious freedom.

"President Obama has made a reckless and unconstitutional expansion of the federal government the primary focus of his administration and this latest threat to religious liberty is yet another example," Turner said. "Trampling over the First Amendment is a bridge too far and Mr. Obama will have to account for his actions with the millions of voters who support a fundamental American right of religious freedom."

Notre Dame is listed as a plaintiff in the group of lawsuits which made headlines this week.  

On Monday night, Turner attended the Manhattan Institute annual dinner and had a discussion about the suit with Dolan. 

"Time is running out, and our valuable ministries and fundamental rights hang in the balance, so we have to resort to the courts now," Dolan told the Associated Press earlier this week.

U.S. Rep. Bob Turner , assuming he can lock down the GOP nomination.

Turner's rise to political relvancy can only be described as meteoric, considering that two years ago 

Now, however, he's made a big impact on local politics, .

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Would you vote for Bob Turner?

Chris Marengo May 27, 2012 at 11:03 AM
All peoples of faith should back these suits against the Obama administration. For a guy who allegedly taught Constitutional Law, Obama is clueless as to the Bill of Rights we all enjoy as Americans.


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