Briarcliff Caucus Names 2014 Candidates

Photo credit: Michael Nocella
Photo credit: Michael Nocella

The following is a press release from the People’s Caucus of Briarcliff Manor:

The People’s Caucus of Briarcliff Manor is a nonpartisan civic organization which encourages candidates to seek local elected office. Anyone resident in the Village of Briarcliff Manor who is eligible to vote in a general election is automatically a member of the Caucus, regardless of any other political party affiliation.

The Caucus’ Annual Nominating Meeting was held in the Briarcliff Middle School Theater at 8:00 PM January 8, 2014. Village residents Mark Pohar, Cesare J. Derose, Jr. and Larisa Wayne-Paulmeno were nominated to be the Caucus’ candidates for two year terms as Village Trustee. Also nominated for one year terms on the Caucus Executive Committee were Aaron Stern, Chair; Hannah Berkowitz, Vice Chair; Tobi Klarnet, Secretary; and Louis Linder, Treasurer.

The meeting was videotaped and will be broadcast on Cablevision, Channel 15 on Saturday, January 11 at 3:30 PM, Sunday, January 12, at 1:00 PM, Monday, January 13, at 5:30 PM and Tuesday, January 14, at 11:00 PM.

The Caucus’ “Meet the Candidates Meeting/Debate” will be held January 15, 2014 at the Middle School Theater at 8:00 PM. At this meeting candidates Pohar, Derose and Wayne-Paulmeno will respond to questions from the public.

In accordance with the rules there will be a Special Voting Meeting will be held on January 22, 2014 at the Village Youth Center (behind the Municipal Building). Voting hours are from 3 PM to 9 PM or by proxy. The two candidates receiving the highest vote totals will receive the Caucus endorsement and appear on the Village election ballot on the Caucus’ line.

Village elections are March 18, 2014.

PatchRat January 10, 2014 at 07:55 AM
Please take a few moments to read our recent blog posts regarding Village government elections here in Briarcliff. Here is an excerpt from the post titled Challenge The Peoples Caucus, followed by a link to the full post: “Here in the Village of Briarcliff Manor, the Mayor and Village Trustee positions are filled by a rather Un-American, Non-Democratic, insider-driven and controlled, one-party system - The Peoples Caucus…..” Read more here: http://pleasantville.patch.com/groups/the-briarcliff-times/p/briarcliff-village-elections--challenge-the-peoples-caucus Here is an excerpt from the post titled “Why YOU Should Run for Briarcliff Village Trustee,” followed by a link to the full post: “This is an update to our previous blog post regarding our Bizarre, Un-American, Non-Democratic, Insider-Driven and Controlled, One-Party System for Village elections here in Briarcliff.” Read more here: http://pleasantville.patch.com/groups/the-briarcliff-times/p/why-you-should-run-for-briarcliff-villa...
PatchRat January 10, 2014 at 01:10 PM
Here in the Village of Briarcliff Manor, the Mayor and Village Trustee positions are filled by a rather Un-American, Non-Democratic, insider-driven and controlled, one-party system - The Peoples Caucus. We only "technically" elect them. In reality they just nominate each other behind closed doors. Then they invariably run unopposed in an election no one goes out to vote in. Consequently, they don't have to serve or respond or answer to you or anyone in the Village other than their little insider power-clique. In order to solve this problem, we need to mobilize to create a more democratic process of TRUE DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS for Mayor and Trustees here in Briarcliff. This means sponsoring strong opposition candidates to the Peoples Caucus nominees who run unchallenged year-in and year-out. There is no other municipality in Westchester with this type of un-American, non-democratic, insider-driven and controlled, one-party system. As an example, the school board in Briarcliff is a group of five people who were TRULY ELECTED to their posts through an annual knock-down, drag-out, old-fashioned, American, democratic election process. Opposing viewpoints are presented. Discussion and debate occurs. Ideas are brought to the community. Candidates listen to constituents. Neighbors and family members disagree for a few weeks and then come back together in support of those who were elected. This is a call to ALL here in our fine Village to consider running in our next Village election on March 18th. Please consider running NOT as a Caucus-Sponsored candidate but as an INDEPENDENT challenger to the Caucus candidates. It is time to create a true, American, democratic election process for the Mayor and Village Trustee positions. It is time to create a true, multi-party election process, complete with opposing viewpoints , discussion and debate and ideas being brought to the community for discussion and candidates who actually listen, and then represent, constituents.
PatchRat January 10, 2014 at 01:16 PM
•Did YOU have any say in who these individuals would be? •Are you uncomfortable with the notion that there will be a vote on 1/22/14 to narrow the Peoples Caucus party candidates to TWO - the number of open Trustee positions - and if no one opposes them as a NON-CAUCUS candidate these two people win the actual election by default? •Are YOU concerned that, if they run un-opposed ◦There will be NO election? ◦There will be NO constructive dialogue about what is best for Briarcliff? ◦The Peoples Caucus will continue to choose individuals to run our Village in a secretive fashion and run them in unopposed elections. ◦Our Village officials will continue to be answerable and beholden to a very small group of insiders who are active in the Peoples Caucus – and they will NOT be answerable to YOU, since YOU didn’t pre-ordain them or elect them? This is an all-call to residents of the Village to consider running as an opposition candidate to the Peoples Caucus sponsored candidates. The United States is a multi-party, democracy. Our Village should not be run by a single party that selects its candidates secretively and runs them unopposed year after year.


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