Briarcliff Manor Village Manager's Update: Thursday

Philip Zegarelli talks about power restoration, clean up around the village and more.

The following is from Briarcliff Manor Village Manager Philip Zegarelli:

1. Power Restoration:  as near as we can calculate, VBM outages are down to about 15% overall … maybe less … but declining as major grids (primary and secondary lines) are energized.  Some of the remaining cases are very complex but we are pushing for full restoration as soon as possible. Power Restoration ETAs will be shared as soon as we are told. Please, Please, Please … and I know it is frustrating and tempting … but do not ask on-site Con Ed reps for ETAs: you will become even more frustrated since both the information flows and “computer maps” are not up-to-date or viable..

2. Storm Update: except for some short term outages, we managed to keep all restored lines up during the nor’easter.  Again, if you have another outage you will need to contact Con Ed at 1-800-75-CON ED, on an individual basis. Make sure to take down the ticket reporting number since this represents your own specific situation. You should e-mail me at pzegarelli@briarcliffmanor.org and call the BMPD at 941-2130 with the information. WHY? Because we have learned, painfully, to keep a totally separate set of records to chase after Con Ed.

3. Clean-Up: our DPW has been working extended hours all week. The snow event caused us to suspend debris pick-up since our vehicles are multi-purpose. So, when it snows, the same truck that might pick up storm debris is converted to remove snow or salt the roads.  This is labor intensive; takes time to do; takes the equipment off the road; and, then has to be reversed later.  Our DPW will be working extended hours on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and on Veterans Day, Monday … normally a holiday. We will endeavor to hit the debris strewn areas as best as possible.  Previously, we have alerted you about the separation of debris: please direct questions to DPW at 941-9105.  

4.      Other Items:

  • Hard-Wired Generators require village permits; remember to call the Building Department at 944-2770. We share the concern that our Fire and Building Departments have about the use of generators.  Please read the following information from BMFD Chief Mike King… it is also posted on our web-site… www.briarcliffmanor.org
  • Library and Community Center – still open from 10 AM to 10 PM; watch for changes.
  • Parks, Trails and Fields: remain closed … it’s a safety issue.


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