Briarcliff Mayor to Seek Re-Election in March

There are currently no other mayoral candidates seeking the People's Caucus line.

Mayor William J. Vescio will be seeking re-election in March, he announced through the People's Caucus of Briarcliff Manor today.

According to a statement from Vescio, the economic climate played a role in his decision to commit to a potential two more years on the Board of Trustees.

"I felt it was time to step aside, however a significant number of residents and municipal leaders made the argument that during these difficult economic times, the Village needs to be even more diligent and I should continue in my service to the Village as its Mayor," he stated. "In the end, I agree that we as a Village need to be even more cautious and fiscally responsible during the next few years and therefore will be seeking re-election as Mayor."

At this time, no other candidates have asked to be considered for People's Caucus nomination in the position of mayor.

Read about the People's Caucus' other potential trustee and village justice candidates here.

The Caucus’ Annual Nominating Meeting will be held in the Briarcliff Middle SchoolTheater on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 8 p.m.. At this meeting the Caucus members will nominate candidates for Mayor, two Trustees and Village Justice as well as for the Caucus’ Executive Committee.


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