Chilmark CVS Proposal Moves Forward

The Briarcliff Manor planning board adopted a resolution in support of the plan.

After more than a year of hearings and feedback from Briarcliff Manor's village board, planning board and Ossining's village board, plans are moving forward to construct a CVS at the Pleasantville Road Chilmark Shopping Center.

Briarcliff Manor's planning board approved a resolution on July 19 after developer Urstadt Biddle Properties made some minor changes .

Instead of requiring that the building's Pleasantville Road-facing façade have faux windows to break up the exterior, William Null of Cuddy & Feder requested the company have the option of instead adding more landscaping in front of the building.

"I think [landscaping] softens it more than the windows," he told the board.

Planning Board Member Jay Neveloff said he was OK with the change.

"I frankly like the [proposed] trees," he said.

Added Board Chair Edward Nolan, "The option is fine with me."

Null also asked that the board allow one year—versus the previously stated six months—for Urstadt Biddle to "apply due diligence" to receive the necessary building permits needed from Briarcliff Manor and Ossining.

CVS is also looking for the "flexibility" to stay open until 12 a.m., rather than the 10 p.m. required closing time a draft resolution listed. The board consented to the change.

This particular proposal has meet frequent resistance by neighbors, who have spoken about potential and existing issues ranging from traffic to parking to hours and scope.

As part of the resolution, Urstadt Biddle will be responsible for making significant changes and improvements to the shopping center at large, including repaving, lighting and building additions.

The planning board unanimously agreed to send the proposal back to the village board for approval. Before construction begins, the applicant will need to return to the village to receive approval on proposed signage.

Null said he believe the proces is going to benefit the shopping center as a whole.

"Thank you very much for your time and patience and consideration," he told the board.

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Steven Otto July 18, 2012 at 01:14 PM
I think it all stinks. There's a 24-hour CVS at Arcadian Center, and a brand-new Walgreen's just opened on Croton Avenue. I wonder if we haven't reached the saturation point with big drug store chains. I have my prescriptions filled at HealthSmart in the Village of Ossining, where I get personalized service. At this rate, it won't be long before corporate bully mega-chains that can afford unlimited expansion and undercutting of the competition will destroy the dwindling number of small independent retailers that remain. And would the Briarcliff board ever approve a proposal like this were it for their quaint village on Pleasantville Road where the post office and library are? I don't think so!
jill July 19, 2012 at 12:10 AM
A very disappointing decision....agreed we already have reached the saturation point of large drug store chains .. also this will be the end of our "neighborhood" shopping center in Chilmark. The type of shopping center that has been proposed does not belong in a small neighborhood but on a main road in a large town. I do hope that more disappointed residents will speak up as well.
Steven Otto July 19, 2012 at 01:17 AM
jill's description of the proposed center as something belonging 'on a main road in a large town' underscores how ridiculous it is for the Briarcliff government to saddle the surrounding neighborhood -- Ossining, as the Chilmark center sits literally on Briarcliff Manor's boundary -- with something they wouldn't approve in their own Village business district in a million years.


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