Fordham Law Professor Zephyr Teachout Launches Primary Challenge Against Cuomo

Teachout reportedly believes Cuomo has been too centrist when it comes to supporting such things as pro-business tax breaks and charter schools.

Zephyr Teachout. Photo credit: Fordham University
Zephyr Teachout. Photo credit: Fordham University
A Fordham law professor has launched a petition drive to challenge Democratic incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo to a primary.

Zephyr Teachout launched her effort earlier this month, according to the New York Post, and she is seeking support from groups and voters to the left, or more liberal side, of Cuomo.

Her task to unseat New York's current governor will be a formidable one. The popular Cuomo has solid approval ratings and a large lead over Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino, who is Westchester's county executive, according to News 12 Westchester. Teachout also tried unsuccessfully to obtain the endorsement of the Working Families Party, Capital New York reported.

Additionally, she'll need 15,000 valid signatures from registered Democrats throughout the state, according to The Daily Gazette, a feat that will not be easy accomplish.

But if her Fordham bio is any indication, she may be able to rise to the petition challenge. Teachout has obtained degrees from Yale University, Duke Graduate School and Duke Law School.

"An immensely talented and creative scholar, Professor Teachout brings a rich background in laws governing political behavior, both domestically and abroad, as well as the insights of her original work on corruption and its constitutional history," states her bio on the Fordham website
Tired of Excuses July 06, 2014 at 01:15 PM
Repeal of Glass-Steagall by Clinton and legislation by Dem Congress to require mortgage lenders to make unqualified mortgages sowed the seeds of a frenzied housing market resulting in collapse. It made sense to keep banks out of "investment" schemes, but Clinton allowed them to take more risk with invention of CDO's, etc. Barney Frank spearheaded drive to force lenders to make mortgages available to everyone regardless of ability to repay. Bank examiners investigated lending ratios to determine if enough "low income" loans were made. Lenders created exotic mortgages with no down payments and below market "teaser" rates to meet requirements of legislation. Huge increase in money supply following 9/11 attacks pumped more money into riskier and riskier schemes........but like always happens with a pendulum........eventually everyone has a house or two, multiple autos, atv's, etc. and transaction velocity has no where to go but down........long after the seeds are sown......the weeds sprout.......it just takes awhile.
knee jerk July 06, 2014 at 06:15 PM
OK, I get it now Tired, Obama blamed Bush the Stupid, Stupid can blame Clinton and Clinton can blame Bush the First or perhaps Monica for upending his pendulum?
Tired of Excuses July 06, 2014 at 07:10 PM
That's politics.......that's why I don't believe any of them.....much better to be independent and not buy into any faux agenda.....
Robert Fishman July 10, 2014 at 09:14 AM
KJERK Nice, just make up what you need to fit your position? Bush did not blame Clinton. That is a tactic reserved for the lying Democrat party. No personal responsibility just blame others like a teenager does. If Bush is stupid then Obama is brain dead.


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