Library Seeks Funds for Structural Upgrades

A new parking lot and roof are on the wish list.

The Pleasantville branch of the is looking for a facelift.

The building, constructed in 1967, is in need of a new parking lot and roof, said Ron Cosentino, of Consentino Architecture.

"This has been going on for several years," John Fearon, the library's director, explained to the village board of trustees on Monday. "As you know, we have a peculiar situation where we're a joint venture."

The library, which has its own board, has contracts with both the Town of Mount Pleasant and Village of Pleasantville.

Fearon said he was not sure how to pursue capital projects under this structure, but is looking for approximately $1.5 million in improvements.

"We have gone and investigated the building. We put together a full report," he said. "What you're going to see tonight are strict capital rehabilitation recommendations. No aeshetic upgrades."

Here is a breakdown of the elements the library is seeking, with their estimated costs:

Item Estimated Cost Roof $590,000 Parking Lot $220,000 Air Handling Unit $135,000 Cooling Tower $80,000 Heat Circulating Pumps $50,000 Chiller Room Vent $40,000 Air and Water Balance $30,000 Sump Pumps $28,000 Total Estimated Cost $1,173,000 12% Contigency $140,760 20% Soft Cost $234,600 TOTAL BUDGET $1,548,360

In the parking lot, Cosentino noted cracks in the pavement fill with water during rainfall, while the curbs only measure one-and-a-half inches, versus the typical six inches.

"This is not a wheel stop," he said. "Without a wheel stop, cars can roll to the edge very easily."

He also showed photographs of depressions in parking spaces, which also fill with water and turn into ice during the winter, which can make it difficult for cars to pull out of the spots.

"Every year it gets worse," said Fearon.

The mansard roof, said Cosentino, has been rusting over the years and needs to be replaced.

Other items including an air handler, chiller and set of pumps "are beyond their useful life," he explained.

Fearon said currently the library contracts out for "preventative maintenance programs," and Trustee Mindy Berard questioned whether shoddy work may have contributed to equipment problems.

Fearon disagreed and said the focus of the work has been to "get the most life out of everything."

In addition to the listed "base bid" items, Cosentino listed three "add alternatives" including domestic hot water, controls and natural gas service. All three, he said, would reduce the building's energy consumption.

These three items would cost approximately $163,680, bringing the project total to $1,712,040.

Cosentino said the add alternates are necessary in order to eliminate potential re-bidding costs for the project, as the current figures are only estimates.

"If you're well below budget, at that time, you can elect to add in any of these add alternates," he explained.

The library is hoping to move forward to the planning phase of the project by September 1. This would give consultants four to five months to develop specifiations before early spring, which Cosentino said is "the best time to bid a project."

Fearon and Cosentino presented the Town of Mount Pleasant with the same information. Now the two boards must discuss the proposed improvements.

Berard asked if the library had applied for any infrascture grants and Fearon said he had applied for a $65,000 federal grant.

He added in the future it might be preferable to give the library's board more power in making capital decisions, instead of just the "day-to-day maintenance."

Cosentino reiterated the changes proposed to the town and village are necessary for it to continue to stay open and avoid potential issues like water damage and accidents in the parking lot.

"This is the absolute bottom line," he said.


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