Ossining Councilman Blasts "Self-Serving" NY Lawmakers

Councilman Tripodi says that he will not let lawmakers in Albany spit in the face of his residents in order for them to serve their greedy, self-fulfilling, disgusting interests focused on maintaining incumbency.

Town of Ossining Councilman Peter Tripodi has penned a strongly worded letter to our representatives in Albany:

Greetings self-serving legislators of the most dysfunctional and partisan legislature in the country, as a of the Town of Ossining I am not only offended but what you have done to my community, but also the secretive way in which you are currently carrying out this offense.  Firstly, not one public hearing was even held in Westchester after .  Ossining is in Westchester County, in case you did not know, and would therefore obviously be better off in a NYS Senate district composed of other Westchester County communities.  By placing Ossining in a Rockland County-only district you do not only perform a disservice to democracy in New York State, but you are affecting my constituents and a fellow Senator.  To require a Senator to cross the Hudson River (the widest part) in order to fully reach his entire district makes his job a lot harder.  To require residents, many of which have little disposable income, to pay a toll (a toll that is very expensive also thanks to you all) every time they need to visit their senator or attend an event is equivalent to you spitting in their face.  The only thing is I will not let you spit in the face of my residents in order to serve your greedy, self-fulfilling, disgusting interests focused on maintaining incumbency and putting the people’s business second.   

The average length of service in 1960 was 7.9 years (NYS Senate) and 8.2 years (Assembly), now it is 15.8 and 11.4 years respectively.  These rates of incumbency are not because every New Yorker thinks you are all doing a stand-up job.  Sorry to rain on your parade, but the real reason for these incumbency figures and the overall growth of New York State government is because of your selfish drawing of election districts every 10 years.  Instead of giving everyone an equal chance at getting elected to office Republicans and Democrats( in the only act of bi-partisanship in Albany) draw distorted, odd looking districts to favor yourselves and your offices, thus putting the interests of the New York State populous after your own selfish agendas.  I am therefore asking that you immediately look at what you have done, fix the mess you are attempting to make law, and give the residents of Ossining representation by placing them in a Westchester County district.  If you are still not aware of why this should be the case please feel free to call my cell phone and I can explain the common sense, simple reason for you.  


Smikeharpo February 28, 2012 at 11:39 AM
Who would say "yes" to this if they had half a brain?
craig February 28, 2012 at 09:12 PM
This is wrong,but where was the anguish when they ripped the center out of Peekskill and added it to ossining on the county level (county legislature) Ken Jenkins got a pass on that one. Maybe this is some kind of political may back. Hmm


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