UPDATED: Donnelly Unofficial Winner; Democrats Declare Victory

Unofficial totals are in.

UPDATE, Thursday 11 a.m.: With all 30 Town of Ossining election districts reporting results through the Westchester County Board of Elections this morning, Democrat Susanne Donnelly has 52 percent of the votes for town supervisor, versus Peter Tripodi's 2,480.

Democrat council candidates Geoffrey Harter and Eric Blaha (both incumbents) hold 28 and 27 percent of the total votes, versus Republicans Kim Izzarelli's and Stephen Dewey's 23 percent apiece.

Town Justice John Fried is in the lead with 48 percent of the total votes, followed by Democrat Michael Tawil with 27 percent and Republican John Mangialardi with 26 percent.

For the District 9 Westchester County Legislature seat, Democrat Catherine Borgia has 55 percent of the vote (4,765) and Republican Susan Konig has 3,887 or 45 percent.

Totals are still unofficial.


It was a nail-biter for a good part of the night during the Town of Ossining's elections and the race for Westchester's 9th District. Now that the night is over,  it's up to the Westchester County Board of Elections to finalize the totals.

In the town supervisor race, the Board of Elections unofficial totals put Democrat Sue Donnelly ahead in the supervisor race at 51 percent, followed by Pete Tripodi at 49 percent, with 93 percent of districts reporting.

The Ossining Democrats declared Donnelly victorious in her quest to succeed fellow Democrat Catherine Borgia as town supervisor yesterday.

“I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. This was a tough race. It is such a relief to have this done,” said Donnelly. “Now it's time to move Ossining forward.”

"We're going to wait until all of the results are finalized obviously and see from there. I do have two more years on the board," said Tripodi. "I'm going to continue to do what I've been doing. Advocating what I've been advocating for. Hopefully Ms. Donnelly can work with me if she is the winner. It's going to be an interesting next two years because we are facing serious issues."

The Board of Elections unofficial results tell a tale of Democratic dominance when it comes to Ossining's town council race. Democrat Geoffrey Harter is on top at 27 percent, followed by Democrat Eric Blaha with 26 percent. Ossining GOP Chair Stephen Dewey trails with 24 percent of the votes and Republican Kim Izzarelli with 23 percent.

"I ran with Kim, Geoff and Eric. I didn't run against anyone. Both are gentlemen. If they've won the race—terrific—if they've split the race—terrific as well," said Dewey. "I'm still excited to hear what happens with Peter and Sue. That's still going on and it really looks good for two judicial candidates."

When it came to the Westchester County Legislature 9th District, it appears Democrat Catherine Borgia has won. Unofficial results give her 55 percent of the votes compared to Republican challenger Susan Konig.

And last night, the Ossining Democrat Party declared Borgia the winner.

“I’m profoundly grateful,” said Borgia, who embraced her two daughters when she heard the good news. “I did expect it, but I’m profoundly grateful it happened. I feel like it isn’t over yet. I feel grateful and pleased, and I will do my best.”

In the races for town justice incumbent John Fried is the clear leader with 48 percent of the votes. Democrat Michael Tawil has 25 percent of the votes and Republican John Mangialardi has 26 percent.

“I’m very proud of the campaign I ran against two very strong opponents,” said Michael Tawil. “I’m happy that the people of Ossining have recognized the good work I have done in the last three years. I look forward to serving the people of Ossining for the next four years. I would like to thank the voters.”

"I did well with the voters," said Fried. "I'm grateful that they decided to give me the opportunity to serve my community for another four years, and I'm looking forward to doing that."

Running uncontested, Town Clerk Mary Ann Roberts received 3,565 votes and Highway Superintendent Michael O'Connor received 835.


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