Planning Commission Gives Mini Mart Green Light

Details discussed at the last meeting were drafted into a resolution.

Six commissioners unanimously approved a resolution that will allow for the development of a convenience store in Pleasantville Wednesday night.

In a meeting that lasted less than 10 minutes, Planning Consultant Michael Lander discussed the resolution he drafted after the Planning Commission's where details of the proposal were hashed out in detail.

The mini-mart style store will be opened on the lot of 1 Broadway in Pleasantville's Old Village, where the Prime Fuel gas station is currently situated, and will continue to be.

Among the changes agreed upon by the developer and Planning Commission during the last meeting include:

  • The northern curb cut on Broadway (closest to traffic light) at the gas station on Broadway will be closed. The area will then be landscaped similar to the adjacent parcels of land on the street.
  • Two proposed parking spots will be eliminated to make room for the fuel delivery truck to safely enter and leave the station.
  • The resolution will specify the hours of operation will be no later than 10 p.m. and no earlier than 6 a.m.

The time limitations were added to the language of the resolution following a that states the same for all businesses in the Old Village district.

Two weeks ago, Robert Stone was the sole commissioner who indicated he was not in support of the proposal, due in part to safety and traffic concerns expressed by residents who live in the neighborhood. Stone was not present at tonight's vote.

Long hours, traffic congestion, ambience and safety concerns were among the issues brought up by residents at both Board of Trustees and Planning Commission meetings in the past.

See to learn more about the adopted resolution.


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