Pleasantville Court: Felony Hearing for Teen Burglary Defendants

All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. All ages are as of the date of arrest.

Here's a look at what happened during 's July 24 criminal session.

Court Schedules Burglary Felony Hearing

l teens Jahvonne Chambers, 17, and Christian DeVeaux, 17, have scheduled through their attorneys a felony hearing for Tuesday, August 7.

a Pleasantville deli and have been held in Westchester County Court since their June 21 arrest.

While Assistant District Attorney Michael Borelli said on Tuesday that he offered both defendants an SCI felony hearing, Chambers' attorney inquired as to whether it would be possible to solve the cases locally.

Borelli indicated both defendants would have to agree to pursue the same type of hearing and after taking a second call to discuss the offer, all parties agreed to the Pleasantville Village Court hearing next week.

Village Justice John Curley asked Chambers if he still would like to be moved to a youth shelter, to which he agreed. Curley said he would  sign "a commitment to that effect."

Grand Larceny Case Adjourned

Kristie Lunapiena, 22,  and , a felony, as well as Possession of a Hypodermic Instrument, a misdemeanor.

The Hawthorne resident did not appear as scheduled on Tuesday and Borrelli requested a bench warrant in the case.

"You can't just decide unilaterally to blow off your felony court case," he stated.

Lunapiena's attorney said she had been accepted into a rehabilitation program in Florida as of July 12 and asked the court to consider an adjournment until she is released.

Borelli stated the District Attorney's Office will offer Lunapiena the opportunity to plead guilty to one misdemeanor with a sentence of three years probation at the next court date.

Curley stated she must be present on September 4, the adjournment date, or he will issue a bench warrant.


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