Pleasantville Mayor's Update — Wednesday

Two major neighborhoods now have power, contact the village if you are still out.

The following is from Pleasantville Mayor Peter Scherer:

Despite a less-than-promising report from Con Ed this AM, things improved as the day progressed. I am happy to report that both Guion and Martling, our last two neighborhood-wide outages, are back with light and heat now.

We have some individual homes that remain out because of localized problems, and we have some transformer issues on Marble Avenue that are affecting some service there.

We want to confirm our own list of remaining problems...so we can double-check Con Ed's list and can lobby on behalf of those residents or businesses.

If your power is still out (as of 5:30 pm on Wednesday), please let us know via email or voicemail to our Public Works Superintendent, Jeff Econom:

E-Mail: jeconom@pleasantville-ny.gov
Voicemail: 914-769-1690

Please include your name, address and a phone number that will allow us to contact you. 

If you have neighbors who remain dark and thus may not see this note, please reach out to them with this info (or respond on their behalf).

Assuming things remain stable through the current storm, I'll slow down on these daily updates...and we can all catch up with regular life.

We've been extraordinarily well served in this tough time by our Village managers, trustees, and the entire Village staff. Despite challenges at their own homes, our people came early, stayed late (sometimes all night) to put Pleasantville back together. There are many, many stories that would make you proud of this good place.

On behalf of the entire Village Board, we send our thanks to Pleasantville's residents for the help you've provided to so many neighbors in the Village. Big challenges remain in communities elsewhere in Westchester and beyond, and recovery efforts are far from over. That won't be forgotten in the days ahead.


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