Pleasantville Solidifies Permanent Police Chief

Chief of Police Richard Love's position has been made permanent by the village board.

A little more than one year after former detective lieutenant Richard Love of provisional chief of the , the Village of Pleasantville made his appointment—and the position—a permanent one.

Trustee Mindy Berard said she was "very proud" to read the resolution confirming the appointment at the June 11 board of trustees meeting, which was unanimously approved by the five-person board.

The appointment comes after the village has reported the attempts to draw up police department consolidations or mergers with either the Town of Mount Pleasant or Westchester County have not yet shown substantial potential dollar savings for the village.

Love said since he has taken on the head role in the department, "I have seen a great change."

He has also made several recommendations to the village board over the past year for promotions and hirings within the department, including of Kevin Gilmartin to police sergeant.

Additionally, Love said he wants the force to focus on "" and being accessible to residents in the village.

He also said the role of the police officers in Pleasantville includes non-lawful tasks, such as helping elderly people get to bed, catching up with local youth and, "We do get cats from trees."

"In reality, enforcing laws is only a minute part of what we do," Love said during the board meeting. "We are the first to arrive on the scene of medical emergenices, we perform CPR and/or help someone who is bleeding or has broken bones. We are the first on scene at fires or lost children. These aren't enforcing laws, but they are law enforcement."

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