Pleasantville Trustees Approve Summer Camp Fee Increase, Fueling Sharing Agreement with Schools

A look at some of the items discussed at Monday's board of trustees meeting.

Increased costs of running Pleasantville's summer day camp programs has prompted the approval of a 7 percent increase in fees for 2012, the trustees agreed Monday.

"The total increases are modest," said Mayor Peter Scherer, who said the highest increase will be for the six-week senior camp that will cost an additional $57.

Trustee Mindy Berard said the village has not increased camp fees since 2008 and have put off giving raises to counselors during that time.

"Programs that are largely self-funded have to stay self-funded," pointed out Scherer.

Election Hours Set

The village approved poll hours for the village's election on March 20—12 p.m. to 9 p.m. at .

Village Clerk Judy Weintraub said she opted for the the start time to be 12 p.m. instead of 7 a.m. to save the village money on poll worker fees as it looks like the election "won't be contested."

The positions of the mayor and trustees Stephen Lopez and Jonathan Cunningham are expiring this year.

Closing Out Lane Parking Lot Acquisition

The village board approved the transfer of $30,512.05 from reserves to the budget to pay for the Lane property upgrades (behind the Post Office)—which was turned into a parking lot a few months back.

"It's a great place," said Trustee Brian Skarstad. "People are just going gangbusters down there. It's full."

Weintraub added the weekday parking permits for the lot "sold out immediately" and there is currently a waiting list.

"It's been busy and crowded on the weekends as well," said Scherer, who added anyone can park in the lot on Saturday and Sunday.

School District Can Access Village Fuel

Trustees approved an inter-municipal agreement with the  that will allow the district's vehicles and equipment to fuel up at the village's fuel storage facility at the .

"This is a great example of shared services," Scherer said.

Village Administrator Patti Dwyer added, "We have the ability to track different users down there...we're fully capable of handling this."

Captain Lawrence Departs, J.A. Henckels Moves Forward

"This is the week when is ," Scherer announced.

Meanwhile J.A. Henckles International, a cutlery manufacturer, is hoping to appear before the village's planning commission this month.

"We look forward to the review," said Scherer.

Irene Reimbursement

The village received a reimbursement of $47,025 for damage caused in August from FEMA.

However, FEMA will not be giving Pleasantville any funds to offset damage costs from the .

Crosswalk Discussions Continue

Residents of Romer Avenue have asked the village to consider adding raised crosswalks to the street to improve safety and discourage speeding.

"We are in need of repaving Romer and Clinton [Street] anyway this spring," said Scherer.

The trustees also discussed crosswalk options for Marble and Ashland avenues.

A Second Look at Former PVAC Building

After the first round of bids came back higher than expected for renovations of the former building on Marble Avenue, the village is revisiting its wish list and plans to go out for bid a second time.

"We are trying to turn the ambulance corps building into the site of the Recreation Department offices," said Scherer, who said the space could also provide room for department activities.

The village had set aside approximately $75,000 to renovate the building.

"W're trying to do this for not a lot more than that," he added.


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