Pleasantville's New DPW Super Settles Into Role [VIDEO]

Jeffrey Econom introduced himself to the Pleasantville community on Monday.

Pleasantville's new Superintendent Jeffrey Econom wants the community to know his door is always open.

"Feel free, if anyone has any questions, to stop down to talk to me," he said at Monday's board of trustees meeting.

Mayor Peter Scherer said the village board was "delighted" to bring Econom officially on board in mid-May, of Stephen Johnson.

Johnson held the position for 22 years.

Scherer said Econom's "very, very, very deep resume and lots of experience" made him a standout candidate for the position.

One major undertaking for the DPW will begin Monday, June 25.

Econom highlighted the upcoming annual village hydrant flushing, which will take place between June 25 and Friday, June 29 from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m.

"The reason we are doing the flushing at night is during the day, when we drain the water mains...we stir up some sediment in the pipes," he explained. "So, this gives the opportunity for the water and the sediment to settle out, otherwise you would be getting brown and dirty water."

In a villagewide announcement, Village Administrator Patricia Dwyer said, "Flushing water mains remove accumulated sediment and improves the quality of drinking water. This operation may cause a decrease in pressure and some discoloration of the water, but it is still safe for human consumption."

For more information, contact the DPW at 914-769-3883.


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