Sandy Watch: Briarcliff 'Gearing Up for the Worst'

Village departments are charging generators, topping off water supplies and more in case Sandy hits.

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Fresh off a call this morning with the Westchester County Office of Emergency Management, said Briarcliff Manor's village manager, "We are gearing up for the worst."

As of now, Hurricane Sandy appears to be making her way toward the United States' east coast.

Philip Zegarelli said the village's various departments are busy topping off the reservoirs with fresh water, checking generators and "doing as much cleanup around the catch basins as possible."

While some residents have complained of slow Con Edison response during recent storms, Zegarelli said he offered space at various points in the village where the company can pre-park its vehicles, "so that they can respond to this area quickly."

"I think that would be good for everybody," he explained. "A lot of the time, it's the logistics of getting equipment to the spot of the storm damage, so it's worth a try this time."

And while Zegarelli said the storm may not hit until Monday or Tuesday, "It doesn't mean the intensity has changed as well."

Instead, cleanup efforts may have to start on school days instead of the weekend.

"It's a little bit of a wait and see," he said.

But could this lead to another canceled Halloween?

"It's too early to predict," Zegarelli cautioned. "The whole thing hinges on, do we have a repeat of last year almost to the day where you have cold temperatures that cause snow or warmer temperatures that cause rain?"

In this case, the village is hoping for water. It was last year's heavy snow that brought down trees and power lines that made it too dangerous for trick-or-treating.

"While it could obviously still be messy," Zegarelli said, "hopefully it will have blown over by Halloween and can start drying out."


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