Smith Launches Campaign Against Nonna

Michael Smith is campaigning to take Legislative District 3, which includes Sleepy Hollow, Pleasantville, Mount Pleasant, Greenburgh and North Castle.

Michael Smith launched an official challenge against incumbent John Nonna on Saturday, vying to represent District 3 in the Westchester County Legislature.

County Legislative District 3 includes Sleepy Hollow, Pleasantville, Mount Pleasant, a portion of Greenburgh and North Castle.

About 45 people came out to a campaign-launching event in front of Mount Pleasant Town Hall in Valhalla Saturday morning, including County Executive Robert Astorino and Mount Pleasant Supervisor Joan Maybury. 

"I'm proud Michael Smith has stepped forward," said Astorino. "He and I agree on a lot of the same things."

Smith is the chief financial officer of Berkeley Educational Services and is a two-term member and former president of the Valhalla Board of Education. At 54-years-old, he will be running on the Republican and Conservative party lines in this November's election.

During his announcement speech, Smith highlighted the conflict between the Board of Legislators—which is controlled by a Democratic majority—and the County Executive. He cited a need for legislators to work for the people and reduce taxes, instead of playing politics. 

"The Democrats on the board are obstructionists," he said, while noting hundreds of Astorino's actions had been vetoed by the BOL. "Rob needs our help and I am going to help him."

Smith is running a a platform that promotes business, the repeal of the MTA payroll tax and some push-back on the Westchester County housing settlement. 

"We need fewer laws and more innovative thinking," he said.

The , he noted, was, "government run amok...," stating, "The values of our homes are being destroyed by the federal government."

The challenger also had some tough words for incumbent John Nonna, criticizing the , and his track record of voting with the Democratic majority.

"The needs of our residents take a back seat to Chairman Ken Jenkins of Yonkers," Smith said.

"We are going to put Westchester County back on the right track," he said. "Come this November, this county is going to get what we deserve."

You can hear Smith's full speech in the attached video. You can find out more about his campaign on his website.

County taxpayer July 24, 2011 at 12:00 PM
Are the Democrats "obstructionists" because they doubled Astorino's proposed tax decrease, reduced spending by more than Astorino proposed and reduced more jobs voluntarily than Astorino? I think not. The Democrats on the County Board only did what every County Board has done. Taken the proposal from the County Executive and made it better. Not rubber-stamped it. The Democratic budget passed 16-1 - only Rogowsky voted against the budget. He wanted a tax INCREASE. All five Republicans voted FOR the Democratic budget. Jenkins is following in the footsteps of great Board Chairs like Republicans Ed Brady and Steve Tenore - whose disputes with Republican County Executives are legendary.
LINDA REY July 25, 2011 at 03:27 PM
I was born & raised in westchester as was my dad. we own a business in westchester for the past 33 yrs. the cost of living in this county is suffocating. there must be a better way to run government more efficiently and economically. other areas in the country pay less and have less population. we are in one of the most desirable areas in the country so we have more people to help pay for expenses. We need to stop the bleeding here. seriously.


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