Social Media Continues To Be Part Of The Quest To #FindLauren Spierer

One volunteer has been tweeting about Lauren's case since the very beginning.

Two days after vanished, volunteers took to social media to help find the missing Edgemont college student. Through Twitter, Facebook, blogs and web pages, the friends, family members and volunteers spread the word about the beloved co-ed.

One of the first volunteers to push the #FindLauren hashtag on Twitter was @NewsonLaurenS, a marketing professional living in California, who has remained anonymous since the very beginning.

“I was surfing the Internet on Sunday, June 5 [2011] and I came across ,” the volunteer told Scarsdale Patch in an interview. “I saw a video of the Spierer's out in the woods yelling Lauren's name. I was horrified. My younger sister was leaving for college that August. She was 18, 5'4" and about 115 pounds. Tiny like Lauren; loved like Lauren; leaving our family like Lauren. What would I do if this were her?”

After reaching out to the Indiana media, she spoke to Bloomington Police about how she could help the family in their search through social media. She spoke to her husband, and feeling an urge to assist, decided to start the @NewsonLaurenS Twitter account.

“I had no idea it would change my life,” she said. “I had no idea we'd be looking this long. I had no idea how much I'd wish, for the next year, that I would one day see her face.”

It only took one week for the volunteer to gain 20,000 followers. She targeted celebrities, created the hashtag #FindLauren, asked bloggers for assistance and sent out hundreds of Tweets daily.

“Thousands of people from all over the world began tweeting and posting Lauren's missing poster everywhere,” she said. “People could relate to Lauren. This could have been them. This could have been their daughter. This could have been their best friend.”

Shortly after the account was created, I began working with Lauren's best friend, her uncle and then Charlene and Robert,” the volunteer said. “I attended searches, events and anything I could to increase interest in Lauren's story. I tweeted live through each press conference. I was devastated the day the press conferences stopped. I remember sobbing in my work office. How could we not know? How could people not speak up? It was devastating then, as it is now. 

Today, she has about 29,000 followers on Twitter and posts updates on http://newsonlaurens.blogspot.com/

The Indiana native said that “Lauren's family and her dear friends are very grateful. Robert and Charlene are two of the most incredible people I've ever met. I don't believe a single week has passed without Charlene thanking me. They are a part of my life and they are so deserving of the truth. Lauren is deserving of the truth.”

The social media volunteer said the hopes her Tweets are raising awareness about Lauren’s case.

I hope it's created pressure for those that know,” she said. “And I hope more than anything, it's created hope for those that have needed it the most...including myself. I hope this nightmare ends soon and [the family] can find peace.”

Lauren Spierer was last seen on 11th Street and College Avenue in Bloomington, IN, on June 3, 2011. Lauren is 4'11" tall, 95 pounds, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and last seen wearing black pants and a white tank top with a white top.

Anyone with information on this case can contact the at (812)339-4477.

Ross Revira June 03, 2012 at 04:25 PM
How much would you spend to find your child? I would search till I spent my last dime and breathed my last breath.
stephany June 03, 2012 at 04:36 PM
http://findlauren.com/ what makes you think they are spending their own money anymore
Ada B Angarano June 03, 2012 at 05:32 PM
I agree 100%, you can't put a price on the safety or welfare of your children, if you can you had better seek 'family counseling'! My children's lives mean more to me than 'my' own....I would use every penny I had, then sell my blood if it would help to find my missing child!
Joanne Cottini June 03, 2012 at 10:45 PM
How horrible for parents to live so many agonizing days wondering where their daughter is, what happen to her, who harmed her and why. What makes the pain so strong and never ending is parents knowing that Lauren's friends have chosen to not cooperate. As a parent I do not know how they can sleep at night. I would sell my soul to find my child or answers and evidence that can at least offer some type of closure. All the while knowing that the pain will never go away.
Shar June 04, 2012 at 11:34 AM
It has to be gut wrenching to have your child disappear ...I pray and hope her parents find an answer soon.


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