Takeover of Millwood Swim Club No Longer Considered

Site not seen as safe to work in and not a priority for New Castle. County no longer interested, either.

New Castle and Westchester County officials have dropped interest in using the former Millwood Swim Club site, according to Town Administrator Penny Paderewski

“The town is not going forward with working on the old swim club," Padrewski told the Millwood Task Force on Thursday, at its monthly meeting.

Officials . Now overgrown, it has been closed since 2009, the club's owners have offered to give it to the town. The property is at 18 Sand St. in Millwood, in a residential neighborhood off of Route 100. The idea was to convert the site into a pocket pack space that could be combined with the adjacent North County Trailway bike path.

In her update, Padrewski explained that the site, which includes a damned up body of water and a gully, has dangers involved in working on it, and that it is not viewed as a priority for the town.

“There are only so many properties the town can handle," she said.

Town and county officials made several site visits while there was interest, she explained.

Task Force Member Lou Russo asked whether the owners could just dedicate the property to the county and then use it as a rest stop.

Responding, Paderewski reiterated challenges in using the site.

“It’s not a desirable piece of property," she said.

What will happen next to the site was not clear at the meeting. Paderewski suggested one thing that could be done would be to eliminate the dam and allow for the water to flow out through its original course.

Dr.SusanRubin April 10, 2012 at 03:41 PM
This could be a great location to build an edible food forest, house a chicken/egg CSA and/ or community garden. Who's with me??


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